“Positive mental attitude”

“Positive mental attitude” I’ve heard that being said a lot lately. My brother, friends, parents, and it got me thinking. I would probably be happier if I did not focus on my health so much ( I mean the bad aspects of my health), but being in pain usually puts a downer on things. That is how I normally think about things, but I decided to give this positive mental attitude a go.

So I am always in pain, varying amounts of pain, but pain all the same. And I was wondering how I could turn this into something positive. So now I think “yes I am in pain but so what, I will beat this today” and if I am more sore tomorrow then I will have a rest. I used to think having a rest was like failing, but it really isn’t! I don’t need to be working at full capacity all the time to be happy, sometimes you need to slow down and take a break.

I also thought about my lack of diagnosis regarding my joints and instead of being upset that it is taking so long, I need to think positively. So I focus on the future… “I will get diagnosed”, “I will start on effective treatment”, “My doctors and physios will get to the bottom of this”. And by focusing on the future I do feel happier because I am not just trapped in this cage of thinking about how I will get through the day or if I will be able to write when I get to college next week or if I will be able to get around okay. Yes those things are important but I will deal with them as and when I get to them.

My asthma has been behaving lately, except from the past week where it’s been bothering me on mornings till about 11 o’clock. So I have to accept, yes I do need Ventolin. But taking medication to help me breathe is not failing, it is succeeding because everything breath that comes easy allows me to get on with my life.

I have decided that I will up my Symbicort to 4 inhalations in the morning and stay at 3 inhalations at night since morning is when I am worst, but that isn’t failing either. It’s merely tiding me over till I get over this cold.

This positive mental attitude has got me to a place, as well as all the support from my friends, where I am content and ready to go. I want to make the best of my last year at college, and I am finally settled after a year of going. I feel ready for any challenges that life is going to throw at me over these coming months, and I am more than a little excited to see what happens, after all every day is different.


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