A brief encounter with an inspirational lady

I finish college early on a Wednesday and since I finish so early, I usually come home early.

Today I decided to take the train home. Normally the train journey isn’t very eventful. But today I saw a lady who was quite inspirational.

This lady was trying to get off the train while a group of people and I were waiting to get on. I have no problem what’s so ever about waiting for people getting off the train but this lady did catch my eye. She clearly had mobility problems and was using a cane.

A young man probably late teens, early twenties was stood in this lady’s way as she was trying to get off. He seemed to find it funny to make it even harder for her, and his friends were jeering her on. Seeing someone act so rudely to another literally makes my blood boil, but like I said this woman was so calm. She looked straight into his eyes and told him exactly what she thought, I couldn’t exactly hear what she was saying but her tone and her mannerism pretty much explained what she was saying.

This child, yes I am calling him a child because that is exactly how this person was acting, did move out of her way and apologise but it was not a sincere apology. In fact I still feel quite annoyed actually even though this was about 5 hours ago. I mean this lad was boasting about how disrespectfully he had treated this lady, and that is just pure wrong!

Anyway, I think this lady was really inspirational, I mean she could have had any condition under the sun or had suffered a trauma but she needed a cane. I was thinking, if I ever need a cane, would I be able to stand up for myself when I have to face these ignorant people? And this event also got me thinking about why in 2013 after a lot of break throughs in medicine why are people still so ignorant of medical conditions? Why did that boy act like that? All these thoughts go through my mind but I don’t have any answers.

How would you react if you were in this lady’s place?


2 thoughts on “A brief encounter with an inspirational lady

  1. I totally agree with you! I have always been taught that you need to respect your elders and it seriously bothers me when I see people my own age acting like this. Good on that lady though for standing up for herself. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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