12 of 12 September 2013

On the 12th of every month I take 12 pictures depicting my day. I have said before how much I like pictures and I always intend to include more pictures in my blog, I am still working on that goal, but a 12 of 12 is a nice way of showing rather than telling what has been going on.

Street – I was waiting for my friend so we could walk to the bus stop together to catch the bus to college.

Main hall (college) – today was freshers fair at college and I ended up looking after one of the stalls for a friend.

Street – I’ve always found it amusing that my college is on Abbey Road… Not the same Abbey Road that The Beatles used though :/

Kitchen – anyone who follows me on twitter, Instagram or knows me personally will know that I have been fighting a bit if a bug for the past week. Since I’ve been taking ibuprofen daily for 6 days we had pretty much ran out so mum ran down to the shops for me and bought me some more and lip balm to make me feel better.

Living room – yes 99.5F has been my “normal” temperature for the last week with my temp bouncing from 99.1-100F with some drops to around 98.8F in there too…

Living room – bad idea to drink a hot chocolate when you have a bit of a temperature going on, but it did taste nice!

Living room – so I got a bit bored sitting around but I was too wiped out to do anything more interesting… So to amuse myself (and I use the term “amuse” very lightly in this case) I decided to take the temperature of my drink, however the temperature wouldn’t read because the drink was too cold so I spent 5 minutes holding my thermometer in my drink for no reason. (By the way next to that glass is my hair band with my clips attached to it so I don’t loose them, a few people have mistaken it for a giant spider so I just thought I would warn you!)

Bedroom – one exciting thing that did happen today was that I received my ASA professionals licence in the post meaning that I am an officially licensed and qualified swimming instructor rather than just being a qualified swimming instructor!

Kitchen – except from the tomatoes this is my favourite meal! Chicken en croute with corn on the cob and broccoli… Yes I am strange, I like broccoli.

Bedroom – I also got a new lamp for my bedroom… I love the warmth of the light it gives out…

Bedroom – almost forgot to mention, I signed my name up to volunteer at a hospice near my college! I’m really looking forward to hearing from them, to see what I can help out with. I also joined a peer mentoring course which would mean that I can speak to other students who are having certain issues with college or their home life. I am really glad I signed up for this, first class is on Monday!

Bedroom – isn’t it just great when you put new bed sheets on your bed and when you get in they are all crisp and cool!


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