The “joys” of only having one kidney

If you read my 12 of 12 yesterday… You will know that I have had a bit of a temperature going on…

I still have this temperature going on and it’s still sitting around 99.4-99.5F which isn’t too bad. It would be classed as a low grade fever.

My friends have been urging me to go to the doctors but I just figured I had a virus because otherwise I don’t feel too badly.

I have, however, had a sore back since Friday which is unusual for me because my back doesn’t normally join in with my other joints and I’ve just been putting it down to not being in the best of health which was making my body a bit more sore than normal.

But today my back has been slightly more sore than the other days so I mentioned it to mum and she went a tiny bit mental with me because back pain and a low grade fever are signs of a kidney infection. Oops…. I just figured because I am so used to joint pain that this was nothing special and of course because I told mum on a Friday evening we can’t see a doctor till Monday. This blasted joint pain is actually messing with everything… I mean how can I completely miss signs of a kidney infection?!

I’m really annoyed at myself for ignoring this back pain, I mean I’m normally really good at noticing signs especially when it comes to my kidney. I mean only having one kidney just keeps me on my toes whenever I have any back pain but I guess with feeling off, I just missed it.

I am still secretly hoping that I don’t have a kidney infection and that it’s just a coincidence me having back pain and a bit of a temperature. I guess if I still have a temperature on Monday, I will find out for sure.


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