Mexican waving lungs

Asthma was really kicking my behind yesterday, it wasn’t so much asthma attacks but the constant shortness of breath… Getting out of bed is normally a struggle, mainly because of the joint issue but yesterday was ridiculous.

When I woke up, my initial thoughts were “Oh, hi dyspnea!” Not the first think I like to think in the morning! I figured that since I was only short of breath and wasn’t wheezing or anything that I could manage without ventolin. WRONG!

My lungs decided to go a little crazy at me while I was in the shower, I guess it must have been the steam? So ventolin to the rescue it was then.

On the way to college I was still having a tough time breathing, not so much with wheezing but just being majorly short of breath. By that time, I realised I needed to stop kidding myself and take some more ventolin adding up to a grand total of 400mcg before 9AM, not a record for me but since I’ve been doing pretty well for so long. I was not best pleased.

To be honest my peak flows have been doing a bit of a Mexican wave over the last few weeks, jumping around a little more than usual:

I’m thinking that my lungs are having a bit of a disagreement with the weather changes as Autumn is taking hold. My lungs really hate humidity, almost as much as chlorine, and since the humidity has been around 75-80% for a couple of days in a row, it makes a fair but of sense why my lungs are having a bit of a hissy fit.

But I am booked in to see my asthma nurse at the end of the month so if I am still having issues I’m sure she will be able to sort it out! Until then, I’m going to bide my time and if necessary increase my Symbicort once more, although I am hoping that things won’t come to that.


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