Kidney, UTI and antibiotics


For those of you who read my blog regularly, you’ll remember a couple of weeks back when I was struggling to shake a temperature and was feeling generally wiped out. And later, when I mentioned that I had back pain the mini freak out my family had since we do believe that I had some sort if kidney infection/UTI. And eventually my body sorted it’s self out and I got over the temperature and the back pain went away. I was practically back to new except from the complete lack of energy I had. (Read about that post here)

Well yesterday I woke up feeling pretty tired, as per usual. I figured that it was because I had been to a university open day the day previous which, had really wiped me out. Everything was dandy until I went to the loo, which caused immense pain when I urinated (told you this was a TMI post). The pain was so bad I couldn’t actually stand up straight for 2 hours after I had been to the toilet.

On Sunday mornings I have work, where I teach kids to swim but I was in so much pain, I couldn’t actually go.

Normally I wouldn’t tell my parents if I am sore because I am constantly sore and there isn’t much point telling them all the time, but yesterday was quite different. To start with I didn’t think that there was anything too serious wrong, I thought it would just pass but it didn’t and I was still in a fair amount of pain by the evening. I also had a bit of a temperature going on, which was hanging around 99.6-99.1F with ibuprofen and paracetamol on board.

The pain was sharp, starting half way down my torso and continued down (I’m not going to say anything else) but that wasn’t the only pain I had. The right lower quadrant of my abdomen was also really painful which had me thinking that this may not be just a straight forward UTI (urinary tract infection) but maybe it was the start of appendicitis… Why was this happening on a Sunday of all days?!

I went straight away to tell mum and we decided to head off to the out of hours (OOH) clinic, not just because we suspected a UTI (not good when all of my other UTIs turned into kidney infections and I only have one kidney) but also because we wanted to get my screened for appendicitis.

When we got to the OOH clinic it was around 7.30pm. They make you write all your details down on a form and pee in a cup (if you suspect a UTI or kidney infection). We only had to wait 40 minutes to be seen, pretty remarkable since there was a 5 hour wait at A&E and everyone was being sent to this OOH clinic.

So when I got called in I was still feeling pretty rough, I still had a temperature of about 99.3F and still had major pain in my abdomen. The nurse was really lovely and did a super quick urine analysis and an examination. Turns out that most of my pain is over my appendix but I do have a UTI according to my urine analysis. She also checked my pulse which was hanging around 110bpm at resting and she checked my oxygen saturation too as a precaution. To be honest I don’t think the pulseox machine was totally accurate with my heart rate because according to that, my heart rate was fluctuating between 124bpm and 90bpm, but it did feel like my heart was going at around 110bpm.

The nurse advised me to go straight to A&E if I get any more signs of appendicitis (a bit scary) and explained that because I only have one kidney, and because my heart rate is quite high and I have a temperature she is going to prescribe double the dose of antibiotics that she would normally do for an extra 2 days so now I’m on a week of double dose antibiotics for a week. But as my friend GG says, I’d much rather deal with the side effects of double dose antibiotics than an infection… Too true!

Unfortunately since I didn’t get out of the clinic until 8.30pm there were no pharmacies open near me so I had to wait till this morning to get the antibiotics. So I have come to college since I am not infectious and walked down to town to get my antibiotics, and I treated myself to a Starbucks too!

Who would want anything more than a Starbucks and antibiotics?!


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