A special 12 of 12

So this is a special 12 of 12 because October 12th is World Arthritis Day! Unfortunately I haven’t been well enough lately to post about World Arthritis Day, but next year there will definitely be a post on World Arthritis Day!

Bedroom – the view from my window at 6.00AM

Kitchen – my breakfast… Half a chocolate chip muffin, orange juice and of course the horrible antibiotics

Dual carriage way – road trip to the University of Bradford… Extremely productive day except from my nearly being sick on the best admissions tutor I have met

Cafeteria – trying to settle my stomach with oasis before driving home

Living room – not a number I like to see on the penultimate day of my antibiotics course

Computer – if you google World Arthritis Day you get this map up which shows all of the events all over the world! Hopefully one day that map will be full!

Kitchen – where I sit when I feel horrible

Living room – when you feel bad, why not watch You’ve been framed?

Living room – now THAT is a better temperature!

Kitchen – spending some quality time with my goldfish… I’m joking, all he wants is food 🙂

Kitchen – finally feeling hungry, the first time in a week, also the most I’ve eaten in a week

Bedroom – and finally HAPPY WORLD ARTHRITIS DAY!


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