Time to De-stress

From my last post a lot of you realised that I have been feeling pretty stressed lately.

I am known as a “stress head” and I do feel at least slightly stressed a lot of the time but this past month or so my stress levels have hit a I pretty big high. It has even got to the point that my hair is falling out. I’m extremely lucky that I do have thick hair because otherwise I am pretty sure I would be bald.

So I have decided that it is time to chill out a bit… How do you guys relax?

For me exercise is always good, I can push myself to the limit and just leave all the stress behind me. That used to be great but finding time to exercise, or when I do have time, realising that if I do exercise to the extent I want to, my lungs will try to kill me or my joints will flare so badly I will just regret it. So I exercise a bit but I don’t push myself so hard that my body will shut down.

My inability to exercise as hard as I want had also meant that I have find alternatives to exercise:

1) Sleep! – personally, I think sleep is the answer to a lot things. So I have been trying to go to bed earlier and just get a bit more rest than I would usually.

2) Me Time! – I think that is pretty much self explanatory… I have two Me Times a day! Now for those of you who don’t know me, I absolutely LOVE showers and I have one virtually every morning (unless my alarm clock fails me) and that is my first Me Time, just 10 minutes to focus on myself and to leave everything else outside of the bathroom. My second me time is just before bed to help me sleep (see above) where I use my angry book (see below).

3) Angry book – this is a book I have, which has now been upgraded to an app (Day One on Apple devices) where I just write everything that has been annoying me. When this was an actual book I used to just scribble because I would be so frustrated. And then after I have let the book, or app, take all my frustration I close it and don’t read it again, I have left those worries behind me now.

4) Music – when I am totally stressed out I listen to music. Jazz is the only music I have found that actually de-stresses me and so that’s what I listen to, but I guess everyone knows what they would prefer to listen to.

5) Ranting – when things really aren’t going right, a good rant usually brings some relief. Not ranting at someone and telling them why you are so frustrated at them but just ranting in general! I am lucky that I am a member of an extremely supportive group on Facebook with a lot of people who are prepared to sit back and let me rant when I need to.

6) A walk – yes, it is that simple. Sometimes all you need is a little walk, just to get some fresh air. Especially when you leave the house early in the morning, get back fairly late after being at college all day, then go to work then come back and do all the college work. It’s good just to get out and clear your head!

So there is how I de-stress… How do you all relax? Let me know! Comment below or use the Contact Me page!


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