12 of 12 November 2013

On the 12th day of every month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures depicting their day… This is my 12 of 12!

Bedroom – a new record! Up, in the shower and dressed before 7.05! Can you guess what time I woke up?

Kitchen – I’ve just realised that I didn’t switch the plug on last night which resulted in me waking up with only 20% battery life left. Frankly, I’m surprised there was anything left!

Common room – just thought I would proclaim my new found love for Cherry Coke… My only issue is that it was fizzy, and I prefer still drinks!

Starbucks – as my friend says “that’s a mountain of whipped cream!”… It’s always nice to catch up with a good friend over a toffee nut latte!

Bus – guess where my bus driver is?! Out side having a smoke! I will never understand why people smoke, especially when they have respiratory problems!

Hallway – this was in reply to a post I left on MyLungsMyLife’s Facebook page asking if anyone had any tips or tricks for dealing with swollen joints… It didn’t half make me chuckle!

Kitchen – anyone who hasn’t eaten Stovies has not lived! it’s one of the worlds yummiest and fastest meals, not to mention good for the budget!

Bedroom – I have finally managed to get through all my e-mails… My college sends me numerous e-mails a day, plus MyLungsMyLife things, plus other work related e-mails…

Living room – I was trying to use a heat pack to relieve some of the pain and stiffness in my knee so it won’t be such a huge issue during my driving lesson, which FYI was about 5 minutes after this picture was taken.

Bedroom – although I have successfully reduced my Symbicort back down to 3 inhalations twice a day, today I was struggling a bit more than normal with a tight chest and a fair bit of coughing, so I finally gave in an took some ventolin… I can’t believe how much I missed using my spacer when I was on a ventolin accuhaler!

Bedroom – getting all comfy and cosy in my bed is one of the best feelings, especially when I have some funky new bed socks. I’m trialling bed socks to try and keep my toes all toasty, especially because the capillary refill in my toes is atrocious due to them being so cold all the time… That’s bad circulation for you!

Bedroom – this isn’t the best picture in the world, but you can see that my left (top) knee is more swollen than my right knee is… And although it is still super sore, I’m thankful that it isn’t too swollen anymore! Mum seems to think I have fluid on my knee, which I am not pleased about so I am hoping I can get rid of it without having to see my GP… A phone call to my physiotherapist is in order I do believe.


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