Cruddy memory and a very honest person

I am having a seriously bad day with my memory today. I’m going to put it down to my being so tired. In fact this week has been a bit of a bad week regarding my memory. When someone asked my advice about their Personal Statement for their Uni application and I didn’t know the answer, I suggested they should go and see our college’s Careers advisors, Stella and Cathy, except their names came out as Cella and Stathy. That was slightly embarrassing.

Today, my parents took me Christmas shopping which I really needed to get started on, and half way round we decided to go for a coffee. That sounds perfectly good right? Well when we left the Café I forgot my bag which had my purse in with my bank card, provisional drivers license (which will tell anyone who looks my address), and some money and my bag also had my house keys, my inhaler and my phone in it. Seriously I don’t know how I forgot it!

In fact I didn’t even realise, I had forgotten it until my name was announced, and suggested that I should go down to lost and found. I was kind of amused that someone with my name has lost something, then I thought “Oh crud! That’s me!” and then I was trying to work out what I had lost and how the staff knew my name. When I finally did realise, I was so embarrassed! And anyone who knows me, which know that when I am embarrassed I turn every shade of red known to man, which makes me even more embarrassed!

I didn’t deliberately forget my bag, who would? And I imagine that it is a fairly common occurrence in Cafés but I was still mortified. I’m starting to see the slightly more funny side to it now, but I am so glad that somebody honest found my bag and handed it in, rather than taking my money and my phone!


4 thoughts on “Cruddy memory and a very honest person

  1. Thank goodness someone did the right thing though! 🙂
    Brain fog is really common with pain diseases- not to worry though, sometimes it hits hard for a big and then clears up. It happens to me- I once passed an exam with a perfect score but forgot my lunch on the way out! By the time I remembered, it was far too late to go get it.

    1. I am so grateful that someone did hand it in! Don’t know what I would have done if they hadn’t!
      I think I have had brain fog before but not for a little while, like it’s get bad so I notice it then settles down again like you said!
      Awh man! Forgetting your lunch?! Did you get some in the end?

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