The FitBit blues

Last weekend was a very busy weekend for me, I had my Granny, Aunty and Uncle visiting from Scotland which meant I had to move out of my room (to give it to my Gran) and sleep on the floor in my parent’s bedroom. My Dad was also coming home from a business trip on the Saturday and leaving on the Monday which made everything a bit more hectic than it already was.

Because I had essentially moved into my parent’s room, there wasn’t a lot of places for my clothes so I ended up folding the clothes I had been wearing that day (so I could put them in the washing basket the next morning) and also having the clothes for the next day folded on the floor too.

That weekend I also lost my fitbit, normally I take my fitbit off when I go to bed and put it on my desk, but last week I couldn’t use my desk so I put it on the side table in the room I was sleeping in. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a “wriggle monster” to say the least and so when I woke up in the morning my fitbit wasn’t on the side were I had left it, so I just presumed I had knocked it off in my sleep.

Since then I have spent the last week looking for it, with no luck until today. Actually I don’t think you can call today lucky. I found my FitBit in the washing machine, so either I thought I had taken it off my trousers but actually hadn’t or I picked it up when I was putting the dirty washing in the washing basket.

I was pretty sure that my FitBit wouldn’t work but I thought I may as well have given a go. AND IT WORKED! Or at least for a little bit it did, it displayed one of FitBit’s motivational messages “I love you Jenni” (which made me feel so guilty!) then displayed “Fitbit 4.14” (the software code) and then it said “Off”… Seriously, OFF?! There isn’t a “On” button! My FitBit ultra only has one button to scroll through all the information, and to switch on sleep/active mode so how on earth can I switch it on? Apparently pressing the button doesn’t work. I am so upset! I haven’t even had that FitBit for a year yet, and apart from drowning it, it hasn’t even got a scratch on it!

My friend, Kerri, suggested asked FitBit for a replacement, and I have sent them a message via their site asking if it would be possible but I highly doubt that they will replace my FitBit since it was my fault that the FitBit got washed. And so I am potentially in the market for a new FitBit. Kerri and I were discussing some of our options on MyLungsMyLife’s Facebook page, and while I am totally for the new FitBit Force (a lot like the Flex but also shows you the time etc) Kerri did point out that it is not as discrete as the One or the Ultra in formal situations etc… I also have my eye on the Withings Pulse which is a lot like the FitBit ultra, except it can also take your pulse. However, I think I would have to look into how accurate that is. Decisions, decisions, decisions ey?


3 thoughts on “The FitBit blues

  1. Have you tried to put your fitbit in uncooked rice to take out humidity? After that, you could try to charge it to see if the battery is only discharged.

    1. That’s exactly what FitBit have suggested, it’s currently sitting in a bowl of rice, and I will take it out after 24 hours have passed then charge it, to see if it will work. Thanks for the suggestion Gbrl!

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