A happy FitBit owner once again

A week or so ago, I wrote a post about how I had managed to accidentally wash my FitBit, and how it had died after saying “I love you Jenni” (that was THE most distressing part of the whole situation). Well I no longer have the FitBit blues!

My friend Kerri suggested contacting FitBit and asking for a replacement, and so I did! 4 emails and 3 days later, the FitBit team emailed me to say that they would give me a complementary FitBit One to replace my broken FitBit Ultra! I still can’t believe it now that FitBit would give me a new FitBit free of charge for a situation I got myself into, and not only that but they would give me an upgrade because they no longer stock FitBit Ultras! I seriously cannot fault FitBit’s customer support team, they aren’t many words to describe how fab they are!

The only hard decision I had to make was the colour of FitBit I would like, I was given the choice of black or burgundy. I was all for the black FitBit but after speaking to a few friends and Mum pointing out that we would be able to see the burgundy one more easily, I went for the burgundy FitBit.

On Monday, my FitBit One was delivered! I set it up as soon as I got home so now it is linked to my account!



I also charged it! I only charged it for 3 hours and it had full battery… And full battery when you are going to bed means you can track your sleep without worrying if your FitBit will run out of battery during the night! I always like to track my sleep, and I seriously did miss it when I didn’t have a FitBit to track my sleep with… Here are last nights Sleep Stats!


The only think that bothers me about FitBit’s sleep tracker is that if you are lying still, it interprets that as you being asleep… So last night it looks like I fell asleep at around 11PM but in actual fact it was more like 12.30PM, or at least 12.27PM was the last time I looked at the clock before I fell asleep. But seriously, can I fault that? NO WAY! What tracker is going to be able to differentiate between you lying still and falling asleep? Not any I have come across!

Today, my FitBit has encouraged me to walk further, seeing as though I do actually know how far I am walking now! And although I am paying for it tonight with a sore, and slightly swollen knee, it was well worth it!

Thank you to everyone at FitBit! I really appreciate this!


2 thoughts on “A happy FitBit owner once again

  1. A full battery means more than a week. We did a fitness contest at work this summer, I took a week off to hike across North Cascades National Park, and the little fitbit recorded every step I took.

    Mine died on the very last day of the contest, and they replaced it free of charge, too. Seriously awesome customer service. 🙂

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