Stubborn lungs

I feel that I haven’t really talked about my asthma for quite a while, probably because I have been having quite a hard time with my joints lately.

In all honesty my lungs haven’t been great either. Since Bonfire Night (October 5th) my peak flow has been up and down, my lungs absolutely hate mornings and my ventolin usage is quite high again. I haven’t increased my Symbicort to 4 inhalations twice a day although that would probably be the sensible option purely because I want to decrease my Symbicort but that isn’t an option right now.

My lungs are being stubborn and I am being stubborn too, which isn’t a good combination. I just really want my lungs to calm down again, even if that means that I have to stay on the dose I am now. The thing is, I’m not quite sure if I can reduce my dose until the spring now because it seems like the cold is effecting my lungs more than it did last year. And that, in itself, is worrying because I am supposed to go skiing in February and if my lungs can’t cope with 10 degrees Celsius, how are they going to cope with -10 degrees Celsius?

Last year, I was in a similar situation and I got by at skiing with increasing my Symbicort to 3 then 4 inhalations and a couple of hours of skiing a day as opposed to the 7-8 hours I used to be able to ski. But I got by without any pred. And now I can’t even get down to 2 inhalations and I am just managing with 3, I’m not entirely sure that 4 inhalations will actually be able to cover me, which could potentially mean pred, if I can’t get things under control by then. Although I think having a rescue course of pred as a just in case when I go skiing is quite a good idea anyway, I just don’t want to have to need it!


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