12 of 12 December 2013

So yesterday was the 12th of December and on the 12th if every month a load of bloggers take 12 pictures to depict what they did in their day.

Kitchen – opening the advent calendar. Look! Its telling me to wear gloves!

Bus stop – what a wonderful sky! I always love it when the sky looks like this!

Common room – mmmm Bagel! I really do love the college bagels, even though I don’t have them often!

Locker – this is what happens when you let your friend borrow your locker… You end up with 200 candy canes living in there!

Library – well look at this new diary I got! It matches my pencil case and who doesn’t like Elephants? I’m not going to use this as a proper diary, I’m going to use it to track what I eat and unpleasant stomach symptoms I have been having – I will be blogging about that later

Common room – well this just made me laugh so I thought I would share it with you all! I pre-ordered a DVD for my friend’s Christmas present and Amazon reduced the price of the DVD and so they gave me a refund of 1p!

Library – printing out some pictures of my hands to show to my Physio on Monday. I have already printed a load of pictures but none of them came out very clearly so I had to re-print them all

Town – my town is full of art work, you just have to look for it! This is the first time I have seen this piece, but apparently it was painted in February.

Restaurant – it is always a tradition before my family and I got and see the Christmas play at the theatre to go to our favourite restaurant and have pizza!

Restaurant – asked for a lemon sorbet for pudding and it came in a whole lemon! Isn’t that fab?!

Theatre – and that is what the stage looks like for this years Christmas performance of Annie! Luckily this time I didn’t get mistaken for Annie and congratulated on my performance (even though I was in the audience), that’s one issue with being ginger!

Living room – this is another advent calendar that my brother and I share… This year we have set it up in a slightly less conventional way than usual.

So that was the last 12 of 12 for 2013! It’s scary how fast this year has gone past!


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