Bye bye 2013!

Last year I made 3 New Years resolutions:

1. To get my asthma under control and to try and keep my peak flow in the green zone

2. To get fit, and possibly get a FitBit to help me with that

3. To stop biting my nails

And to be honest I think I have done pretty well with the asthma control thing, even though it meant I had to increase my symbicort to 3 inhalations twice a day. And although my peak flow is more up and down than I would like, and I haven’t been able to reduce my symbicort, I still feel that I have done pretty well with managing my asthma, and I have only had a few scary attacks this year.

And I have been really good with the not biting my nails part of the resolution. Okay, so I admit I have had a few relapses and started biting my nails again but I have always stopped and just yesterday I broke a nail for the first time! That is a huge milestone for me! Okay, huge is a little exaggeration but I am still proud that I have stopped.

As for the getting fit, I think that was quite a bit flop. Yes, I got myself a FitBit (2 actually) and I do walk more than I did before but due to the big flare I had at Easter, and my issues with chlorine in swimming pools I have found it really hard to exercise. Even stretches and non-strenuous exercises send me into flares, I used to be able to do the plank for 10 minutes easy, and the reverse plank for even longer, and now I can’t do either without killing my joints (another slight exaggeration there but you get my gist). But since my asthma has been more controlled I should really just go for it when I can. I have to accept that I wasn’t as fit as I was, and so I will have to build up my firmness again. Can you guess what one of this years resolutions is? Yup, you’re right! I am going to get fit this year, I have planned out when I am going to go to the gym, when I am going to swim, and what I am going to do each week exercise wise. And hopefully with the help of my first (and, fingers crossed, last) course of hydrotherapy, I will be able to manage this resolution this year.

Talking about planning… That brings me onto my second resolution for 2014. I really need to get more organised with this blog. This year, I’m going to try and find more guest posters (please see the Contact Me page if you are interested!) which means I will have to look a few months in advance for people, to give myself and them time to sort things out. I’m also going to try and post at least once a week!

My aim this year is to get to 200 posts! Yes that will mean posting more that once a week on some weeks but I think that is more than manageable. And that is my third resolution this year.

Speaking of posts, I am going to write my first book review early this year, which should be very exciting. That isn’t a resolution but I thought I would stick it in here anyway.

So my fourth resolution is that I am going to start up a second blog about being a physiotherapy student, providing I get a place at a university. I’m not going to dwell on this too much because I may not get a place and if I do, it’s going to be a resolution that won’t actually happen until late September. I just think it would be nice for potential physiotherapy students to hear what it is like going to university and having weekly updates about what my particular course entails, or at least, that is what I would have liked when I was researching the course.

My fifth resolution is to learn some sign language. I’m not actually sure how I will go about doing this, but I will finish college in June and I won’t start uni, if I actually go, until late September/early October so I am going to have some spare time on my hands.

My sixth and final resolution is to become a better patient advocate for myself. This includes actually seeing my rheumatologist this year, and phoning her when I am having issues.

Blimey, 6 resolutions this year! It’s going to be a tough year, full of new, both exciting and scary experiences (possibly) including moving out and going to university which I am both really looking forward to and dreading at the same time. It is quite a terrifying thought that maybe this time next year, I will be part way to becoming a physiotherapist. But I DO want to be a physio, and I want to be the sort of physio who advocates for her patients, like mine does for me right now.


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