The first appointment of 2014


I really should have written this post on Friday, since that was when I had my first physio appointment of this year, but I haven’t really had chance to write it and up load it until now.

It’s always a bit daunting when you have your first appointment in the first week of the year, I always think that anyway. And so, I was quite nervous going in, which is strange because my physio and I have known each other for 7 years… The best part of a decade.

I wasn’t exactly sure why I was going to see my physio since we had already agreed that I was going to try hydrotherapy but since my brother had an appointment, for a sports injury, I had told her at my last appointment that I would tag along too. When we arrived everyone was at lunch and so it was only my family in the waiting room, which was good because it is THE smallest waiting room I’ve been in and that includes the rheumatologist’s, dermatologist’s, opthamologist’s, nephrologist’s, nuclear scanning, MRI as well as all the usual waiting rooms that you get (I.E. GP, dentist, etc.).

That picture shows the whole waiting room, not just part of it.

When I got called into see the physio, we exchanged niceties, you know the “Hi” and “hope you had a good holiday” and things like that. She asked me how I had been, but to make things interesting she wanted to know what was happening where in chronological order since we last met… That kind of threw me a bit since nothing about what happens to my joints is chronological, it all tends to happen at once. So after explaining that, I told her that the bursitis is back in my hip (I was diagnosis with that 2 years ago, maybe? By a different physio), and I explained that my ankle had kept me up till 3 that morning and I told her how I thought I had tendonitis in my knees. However, it turns out that I don’t have tendonitis, I have inflamed ligaments in my knees… I’m not sure what the medical name is for that so I’m going to call it “ligamentitis” which is may or may not be a technical name but it explains exactly what’s going on. We aren’t sure at all what is causing this “ligamentitis” since I haven’t done anything at all to hurt them… We figured it is just another part of what’s going on with the rest of me.

We talked about my rheumatologist and apparently it is REALLY hard to get in contact with my Rheumy, and that’s coming from another health care professional, but we are just hoping that this lack of communication is because of the holidays. However, my physio did say that even if I don’t get an appointment this month, that I will get an appointment soon… THIS MONTH?! I was expecting 10 months from now, not in the next few months. Oh and I also got a bit if a telling off for stopping my indometacin than the Rheumy prescribed without her knowledge, and was told that if anything was prescribed I have to see the Rheumy before I stop it so another med can be prescribed.

As for the hydrotherapy, I am currently on the waiting list, and apparently they are supposed to start sending out appointments next week. So by next week, I might know when my appointment will be, of course it all depends on how far down the waiting list I am but I’m totally fine with waiting. In the mean time, my physio has said that I should start swimmingly again and she has also given me a print out of some of the exercises I will be doing at hydrotherapy to do myself.

All of my exercises are for my trunk and lower body and aim to improve muscle strength, posture and flexibility, although reading through some of the exercises, I hate to think of how people will react if I do these in a public pool but you have to do what you have to do. And if it does all go wrong, we at least I have something to laugh about later (once I have got over the embarrassment).

Finally my physio told me that she is going to keep me on open service, which means that if I have a problem, I can give her a ring and come in ASAP. When I asked her why I was on open service she told me that once I have finished this course of hydrotherapy I should be moving up to adult services so by keeping me on open service then I can still see her until we both agree for me to move up. But since she is essentially overseeing all of my care, she is unwilling to let me go just yet. This actually feels like a bit of a blow since we have been working together for 7 years now and she has seen me through flare, after flare. She was the one who sent me to my Rheumy in the first place and got me to see every other physio I have seen, and she is one of the main reasons I want to become a physiotherapist. By loosing her I will be loosing a key member of my team, the one who has advocated for me for so long. It will be immensely sad letting her go. But this is also a chance for me to become a better advocate for myself, I am going to have to phone my rheumatologist when I have a problem, I will have to re-arrange all the scans that are always ordered for the wrong part of my body, and I will be the main co-ordinator in my team from then on. That’s actually quite a scary thought, but it has to be done by someone, and I know my body better than anybody.


4 thoughts on “The first appointment of 2014

  1. Don’t worry, you can do it! Just keep speaking up about what’s going on and what help you need. If you are experiencing too much pain, speak up. There are soo many treatments to help us nowadays. Since you are still growing, it’s important that joint damage is minimized as much as possible. And don’t worry about doing exercises in a public pool – when I do my exercises no one pays too much attention. I think we need to form a young adults arthritis exercise class haha 🙂 All the best to you!

    1. Haha yes a young adult arthritis exercise class would be excellent! Have you done hydrotherapy? I tried it in a normal pool last week and my knee swelled up straight away… I think I over did it.
      Hope you are well!

      1. Aww I’m sorry it swelled up! Is it still swollen? When I first got sick, I couldn’t move at all and hydrotherapy really helped keep me mobile. I still do swimming and it helps my pain and mobility. And thank you! Hope that knee goes down…I know that isn’t fun 😦

      2. No it’s not swollen any more… It swelled up on Friday and has been progressively going down since… I’m really hoping that hydrotherapy will help! I’m glad it helped you too!

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