12 of 12 February 2014

I know I am a day late in posting but never mind!

Bedroom – yesterday started off at 5.30AM! But if I think back to my competitive swimming days, this would have been a lie in.

Car – on the road to Bradford for my University interview. Mum and Dad both came to support me which was nice.

Somewhere in Bradford – this is a pathetic amount of snow, but it is snow all the same so no complaining!

Car – this is a pretty rubbish picture, but the name of this road made me laugh… Carr Bottom haha… You are seeing my slightly immature side coming out.

Car – another tip for people with cold toes, use the car heater! Of course, only do this when you are stopped… Safety comes first!

Kitchen – I am pretty sure this is NOT how you whip cream.

Living room – why not have a piece of cake to relax after a very stressful day?

Living room – having a quick nap… All the traveling and interview stuff really took it out of me.

Bedroom – and the case is nearly packed! I fly out to Italy on Sunday so I’m mainly packing last minute things now…

Bedroom – and this peak flow kind of explains why I have been struggling all day. Stupid lungs don’t like stairs.

Bedroom – the wind sounds horrible, tiles were coming off the roof and my phone says the wind speed is only 49mph… Somehow I think the wind was a lot stronger than that, and I am on the opposite side of the country to where the bad winds were so I hate to think how people were over there!

Bedroom – woo! Finally get to cross off the day! No more interviews for 2 weeks!


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