Flutiform, glasses and joints

After spending an hour total in two pharmacies yesterday to no avail, I have finally got Flutiform.

The two pharmacies closest to my house don’t stock Flutiform but thankfully a pharmacy close to my college do stock Flutiform so as soon as I got to college today, I ran down and got it before anyone else could nab it! I was quite surprised, at how massive the box it came in. I didn’t know how big the inhaler was so I presumed that it must have been bigger than all of my other inhalers but no, it’s the smaller than ventolin! In fact it is almost the same size as serevent.


Don’t you think that this box is a ludicrous size for the inhaler?!



I must admit that it is a really snazzy inhaler, my friend even commented about how all inhalers should look like Flutiform does!

From the title, you know I’m not just blogging about Flutiform. Tomorrow I am getting my eyes tested because everything further than 5 metres away is blurry in one eye, but the other eye is absolutely fine. It wasn’t too long ago that I got my eyes tested last because it was taking me a while to focus with that same eye I am having trouble in, and now it just doesn’t focus at all. Although I am hoping that I won’t need glasses.

I’m also struggling quite a lot with my joints today. My morning stiffness has been increasing over the last few days and my bursitis feels like it is burning a hole in my trousers because it is that hot. My ligaments are joining in the fun too, although they aren’t hot to touch, just very sore and slightly swollen. I was supposed to get a call from my physio today to explain to me what is going on with hydro but that hasn’t happened, so I will have to call again on Monday to see what is going on.


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