University, Flutiform and World Kidney Day!

I have just received some really exciting news. I got a conditional offer from the University of Bradford to study Physiotherapy. I didn’t really think the interview had gone that well, but I kept my mind open and tried not to think about it too much and I got an offer! I can’t actually explain how happy I am, and even if I don’t go to uni this year, I know I still got an offer.

I still have to wait to hear back from the other 3 universities I applied for before I can make a decision about which university I would most like to go too, and which uni would be my back up choice if I didn’t get my insurance choice.

The offer really brightened my day up! Especially since I have been struggling with my lungs so much today. I have a pretty bad cold which kept me up most of the night with the coughing, and I woke up wheezing quite a few times too which I am not so happy about. But I am so thankful that I am actually on Flutiform because I would hate to see what my lungs would have been like if I was still on Symbicort. In chemistry we did an experiment which involved burning matches and that just sent my lungs into overdrive… My lungs were already having issues and after the experiment my lungs absolutely hated me. If you put my hand on my chest, you could actually feel it rattling (more than it usually does) and I think I might have given one of my friends a bit of a shock when she felt my breathing (Sorry about that!). Surprisingly though my peak flow isn’t as bad as I expected it to be, although that is a pleasant surprise.

Although I absolutely love Flutiform, I am struggling with the fact that I can’t increase the dosage when I am feeling rough, like I used to with Symbicort so I am kind of stuck with Ventolin. I had taken a lot of Ventolin today and I was still wheezing which is quite disconcerting when you are in class, and you can’t concentrate on the lesson because you are trying to concentrate on breathing right. Thankfully, my lungs have eased up this evening but they are still pretty tight and I’m still coughing up a storm but I haven’t wheezed since about 3 so I am happy.

I have a pharmacist phoning me on Friday to see how I am getting on with Flutiform so I am going to ask him if you are allowed to increase Flutiform when you are having issues, although I suspect that he will tell me to phone my GP.

Okay so another exciting day is happening this week… IT’S WORLD KIDNEY DAY ON THURSDAY!!!

The World Kidney Day logo is looking pretty cool isn't it?
The World Kidney Day logo is looking pretty cool isn’t it?

So I have fished out my Kidney Research UK T-Shirt to wear on Thursday to raise some awareness… Why don’t you wear something purple on Thursday to support World Kidney Day?


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