Today was busy, tomorrow is busier!

Today was quite a busy day. I had to do my presentation at College on Rheumatoid Arthritis and the treatments of Rheumatoid Arthritis and I feel that it went really well. I think it went significantly better than I was expecting! I have always tried to avoid speaking in public, especially about medical conditions because 1) I don’t like speaking in public and 2) I sometimes find it embarrassing how much I know about medicine and I don’t mean that in an egotistical way, I just happen to know a lot about a lot of conditions. I realise now that it IS important to talk about medical conditions, because otherwise how are people going to learn about them? Well that also depends on whether you actually do want to be aware of the struggles that other people go through, and I do have one friend who really couldn’t care less, but on the whole I have found that most people would like to learn something.

Although today was a busy day, tomorrow is even busier. I have to ring my physio to see what is happening with hydrotherapy. I rang on Monday but couldn’t get through and then, I just didn’t have a chance today so that’s one of my priorities for tomorrow.

I also have to pop in to my GP surgery to see if Flutiform is actually on my repeat prescription or whether my GP thought it would be a one off med… One thing that I like about Flutiform is the dose counter… I’m not sure why but I prefer this dose counter to the one in Symbicort… Maybe because it’s more colourful. I currently have 55 doses left so that’s about enough to last me 14 days, which gives me plenty of time to chase up my GP and order it from the Pharmacy… I had originally planned to order Flutiform online through a repeat prescription service that me Pharmacy offers, and that would have also allowed me to order Flutiform to a Pharmacy closer to my college, which would have been a lot more convenient than it is now. But unfortunately Flutiform is too new to do that so I have to resort to my old method of ordering meds which involves going to my GP surgery and dropping a paper copy of my repeat prescription into the “repeat prescription” box, then going back 48 hours later getting my prescription, then taking it too the pharmacy to be filled.

The third “major” event which is happening tomorrow is that I’m going to donate blood! This will be my second donation if it all goes well and I shall be writing a post about that, probably tomorrow!


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