Question: How do you cope being undiagnosed for so long? ~ Lauren

Hi Lauren! No one has ever said that being undiagnosed is fun, because it isn’t. It’s a constant battle with the system to get appointments, to get the treatment that is available to you, and in truth I find it really hard. But the fact is that you can’t diagnose yourself, even if you are 100% sure of what is going on, you have to wait for a health care professional to work it out.

I find that blogging about the trials and tribulations of being undiagnosed is quite a neat way to get my emotions out and to *hopefully* help others who are having similar experiences. Through blogging, I have become a member of the chronic illness community, even though I don’t have a diagnosis for whatever is going on with my joints. I speak to people from all over the world on a daily basis, and I think that is really cool, especially because even though you live thousands of miles away from each other, you all have something in common.

If you are struggling with being undiagnosed, I’d suggest having a look on twitter for people with similar conditions/symptoms and having a look on Facebook for support groups, and if you want to… why don’t you try your hand at blogging too?


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