My second blood donation session

On Wednesday I donated blood for the second time (you can read about my first donation here) and it was a whole lot less complicated than the first time… Probably because they already had all my medical history and I had only changed one med since the last time I donated…

I think the hardest part of the whole donation is drinking the pint of water… I like water but I seriously can’t drink a whole pint in one go. It took me about 20 minutes to finish the whole glass and that set my appointment back by about 5 minutes

One of the nurses did come along though and saved me with some orange squash! So I didn’t quite drown in water.

I also had to read a load of information about the donation, which hadn’t changed from last time, but I also got a leaflet about doing exercises while you are donating… However doing exercises for your bum while I was donating wasn’t really a priority for me.


The actual donation itself went pretty smoothly. My donor carer and I did have a slight concern half way through my donation that I wouldn’t be able to finish because my flow rate was too slow…. As you can see in the picture the needle is slightly squint and apparently that was compromising the flow rate so after we had re-adjusted the needle my flow rate shot up!


Because this was my second donation I received a key ring with my blood type on it, which I think is pretty nifty… Although I am yet to stick any keys on it.



I was pretty lucky again that I didn’t get any adverse effects from donating straight away, but later, at about 10.30ish on Wednesday night I walked up the stairs at home and my blood pressure just dropped. I was literally going to pass out, my ears were ringing and everything was getting really bright white (some how the room doesn’t spin when my blood pressure drops and things get brighter rather than darker). So my first aid training kicked in and I ended up lying down on the floor at the top of the stairs till my ears had stopped ringing. My bedroom is literally less than 2 meters away from the top of the stairs so I got up and lay on my bed… The process of standing up and walking 2 meters was enough to make my blood pressure drop again so there was no way that I was going to get up again… And that meant that I missed taking my Flutiform which completely messed my breathing up all night and for most of the next day… Thankfully mum was kind enough to bring my toothbrush through for me so I didn’t have to walk far to brush my teeth.

The next day my blood pressure was totally fine again, it was almost as if nothing had happened but I was really struggling to walk upstairs… I was so short of breath and my muscles were burning. I think it was a combination of asthma, missing Flutiform and giving away a pint of blood but fortunately that only lasted a day and I’m practically as good as new today! (Unless you look at my joints that is).


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