Another UTI?!

[Warning! This post is TMI]

Do you remember about 6 months ago when I had a UTI? No? Well have a look here. Well yesterday I got diagnosed with my second UTI in 6 months.

However this UTI is quite different to my last UTI, in that I really don’t have that much pain. My main symptoms is really frequent urination (sorry that’s quite TMI). Yesterday night I had to get up 3 times to go to the toilet and I ended up going to the toilet 18 times during the day… And I’m not exaggerating that, I actually did go 18 times. And 8 of those times were before 10AM. I texted Mum after my 8th time because I knew something wasn’t right but I was hoping it would just pass. Mum said that it was probably best to phone the doctors and get checked out because it sounds like a UTI but then again, I didn’t have much pain so maybe it was nothing, but I was definitely not going to risk anything when I only have one kidney so I rang the doctors.

I was told that a nurse practitioner would phone me back within an hour to discuss my symptoms and maybe talk about treatment. The only problem was that I had a lesson and the classroom that my lesson was in has no signal AT ALL! So I ended up having to go and speak to my teacher about doing the work elsewhere in college where there is signal, and my teacher was totally cool with the whole situation and let me go.

The nurse practitioner phoned me after about 40 minutes and said that she thought I did have some type of UTI and that she would prescribe a 3 day course of antibiotics, at which point I told her that there was absolutely no way that I was going to take Trimethoprim without anti-nausea medications because last time, I was almost sick on somebody because of the nausea that they caused, but the nurse wasn’t cool with prescribing some anti-nausea meds so I have ended up on a totally different antibiotic that I need to take 4 times a day. The nurse practitioner also wanted me to drop off a urine sample so they could see what kind of bacteria was causing my symptoms. So I ended up going down to the doctors office after college to get my prescription and to give a urine sample.

However, as usual, everything was quite chaotic at the surgery. I had to stand in a queue to get the sample pot, then stand in the queue to hand it back in again. Then I had to wait while the receptionist looked for my prescription and told me that it must have already gone over the pharmacy and to check there. So I headed over to the pharmacy to stand in the queue and get my prescription, except I was only given Flutiform (which I was due to collect anyway) and the pharmacy hadn’t heard anything about any antibiotics. So I had to headed back over to the doctors, to stand in the queue and I had to ask them to look for my prescription again, and it turned up in a box of prescriptions that are never collected. So back to the pharmacy I went, prescription in hand this time, and tried to get my prescription filled. However, it turned out that the Nitrofurantonin box had gone walkabout so I had every pharmacist (literally all of them) looking for this box which turned out to be waiting to be used to fill another prescription. But on the plus side I did, eventually, get the Nitrofurantonin! What a fuss for 12 little tablets!

Unfortunately I wasn’t given any patient leaflet about the Nitrofurantonin so I ended up looking online for the patient leaflet to see the side effects (all of which are scary) and any contraindications, since I always double check the pharmacist’s and nurse’s/doctor’s actions. And I found that Nitrofurantonin is usually prescribed for longer than I have gotten it…

Of course, you can’t trust everything you find on the Internet, but this advice was similar in a few sources that I found… But I guess if it doesn’t go then I can have more?

The only thing that the pharmacist told me was that this antibiotic can discolour your urine, whatever that was supposed to mean… (TMI here but it turns out that Nitrofurantonin can give you neon yellow urine, which is slightly shocking).


I didn’t have a small panic after I had taken my first dose because I started wheezing like crazy. However my neighbours had decided to burn a tree and the smoke was everywhere, including in my house, so after I had taken ventolin and managed to get my thoughts together I realised that I probably wasn’t reacting to the antibiotics because wheezing, coughing, tight chest etc were the only symptoms I was having, and if I was reacting surely I would be itchy, swelling etc. As it turned out, my asthma was freaking out because of the smoke and I didn’t really have any symptoms after taking the other doses, so it was my asthma and it wasn’t the antibiotic.

I’ve taken 3 doses now and I’m feeling significantly better already. I only needed to get up once in the night to go to the loo and I only went 3 times before 10am unlike yesterday’s 8 times. The only thing that hasn’t changed is how tired I am, but I don’t really have time to stay of college to recover so I am having to plod on, and take things as easy as possible.

One of my main concerns is that my appendix is sore again, which is what happened with my last UTI. So I am going to keep an eye on that and I’m also going to try and find out if I will get the results of the urine analysis over the phone or whether I have to go and find out what they showed…


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