The unpredictable nature of joints

The other day I woke up and found that the ligaments in my knees that had been really sore since November/December time were finally okay. I had been wanting some relief for ages and when it finally came, it felt so good! I actually cannot describe how good it felt.

What was slightly unfortunate was, that my Rheumy didn’t get a chance to examine them to see what was wrong with them. I, personally, feel that they are linked to whatever is going on with my other joints but since they were okay and I hadn’t done anything, maybe it wasn’t anything to worry about.

Well all of that was very short-lived… After about a day or so my ligaments started hurting again but not majorly bad. Today, however was another matter… The ligaments woke me up in the night a couple of times, which has just added to how tired I am feeling. I feel quite ill actually with how sore my knees are and because I am away from home (I’m in Scotland staying with my Granny) I don’t have my heat pack so there isn’t an awful lot I can do… Not that heat packs made much difference to start with.

I did go mini-golfing with the familie this morning which hasn’t helped things but I’m really fortunate that I haven’t set my actual joints off… Only my ligaments.

I’m trying to see the bright side of this now by telling myself that now my Rheumatologist can see what my ligaments are doing… My appointment is a little over 3 weeks away and I really don’t think inflammation can clear up that quickly without proper medication. But if it’s still that bad when I do see her I think I’m going to ask for cortisone shots… If I’m brave enough, that is.

I was hopeful that hydrotherapy would help, but it doesn’t really look like I’m going to get that anymore… Or at least not any time soon. I have phoned my physio 6 times in the last month and a half or so, and I’ve not heard anything. The receptionist says that my physio’s schedule is so full she hasn’t even got time to phone me! How can someone not even have 5 minutes to phone me?! Especially after I have phoned them 6 times. I’ve been waiting for hydro since December/January time… I’m not quite sure when the referral (supposedly) went through but I am really not happy with how I’ve been treated so far. I’m running out of time with my physio… It’s only a month or so until my birthday, and once I’m 18 I don’t get to see this physio again so
I will have to did a new physio, and chase that physio about hydro. My friend has suggested that I ask my Rheumy about hydro, to see if she can arrange it… So I will be asking her about that too!


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