An update: transitioning care and hydrotherapy

I got a text yesterday saying that I have a physiotherapy appointment today, I kind of figured that I didn’t have an appointment because they have me less than 24 hours to prepare. It turned out that my physio had forgotten to check the box that said that she was going to ring me.

So today my physio was supposed to phone me at 12.05 but unfortunately she must have forgotten this and she rang at 11.10 when I was in a lesson. So that meant that I couldn’t take her call. So I tried to phone them back and they were engaged. 13 phone calls later and I finally got thorough to ask what was going on. The receptionist said that my physio would phone me back later today but I must not have had signal when she did (there is terrible signal in college) so she phoned my mum instead.

Apparently my Hydrotherapy has just been approved by the NHS so that means that I can start but we are going to wait till after I see my Rheumatologist because whatever happens in that appointment might change the exercises I would be doing in Hydro. My Physio is also going to phone me after my appointment to find out what was said. So it looks like the 12th of May is going to be busy… It is the 12 of 12 picture day, I have an exam on the morning, a rheumatology appointment and then my physio is phoning.

And my physio has also booked me in to see another physio where I can get fitted for new insoles since I have had my pairs for about 4 years so I really think it’s time for new ones. And also, now I can’t walk without insoles in anymore so I was hoping to get some for my slippers too! That appointment is on the 19th of May so I don’t have long to wait!

I feel like I am finally getting somewhere with Physio, and I am significantly less stressed now I know what is going on.

I think my next major issue is going to be the full transition from paediatrics to adults and that will be in both Rheumatology and Physiotherapy, but I’m am going to stay optimistic that adults will be better than paeds!


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