Prednisolone burst!

I apologise for my absence on this blog, I have been doing my A-Levels and I have been revising like crazy… My last exam is on Friday so I should be back on here like normal after that.

I am going camping next week with some friends which I am really looking forward to… but as usual, my joints like to remind me that they aren’t that good. These past weeks my actual joints haven’t been that bad but having said that my ligaments and bursitis have been giving me a lot of problems. Thinking back to a few months ago when I walked just under  6 miles in one day, I physically couldn’t walk the next day… I could hardly stand, and my Mum was at the point where she wanted to take me to A&E, I do not want to be in that situation next week when I am away with my friends. I have been putting off talking to my GP about my pain, and my joints for a while because I was always scared to be accused of drug seeking but this week I decided that enough was enough and it was time to talk to my GP. I didn’t have an exam on Monday so I rang my GP surgery and was informed that my GP didn’t have any appointments and didn’t have time to ring me but if I rang back later in the day the receptionist could pass on a message to me from my GP. So I rang back and I was told to take Ibuprofen and Co-codamol (Codeine and Paracetamol)… Not what I wanted to hear. If Ibuprofen worked, I wouldn’t be phoning my GP to ask for an NSAID and I flat out refuse to take Co-codamol on the grounds that it can be addictive.

Monday’s attempt to get some proper pain relief didn’t go very well, and I had an exam on Tuesday which meant that I didn’t have time to phone the GP. So I rang today instead, thankfully my GP did have time to take my call this time but the phone line was terrible and I could hardly hear what he was saying. I asked him if he would prescribe an NSAID since I am supposed to be on an NSAID (Indometacin that my Rheumatologist prescribed, however due to side effects I cannot take it). My GP felt that  a steroid injection into my hip would be more effective than an NSAID but he also thought that my ligaments would also need a shot, meaning that I would have needed 5 injections which we both thought was a bit excessive since I set off on my Camping trip on Sunday. So it was decided that a course of oral steroids would be the best option… I haven’t been on Prednisolone since I was about 11 or 12 and I have never been on Pred for my joints, so I am interested, and excited, to see if it will help. Starting tomorrow I will be on 40mg of Pred for a week [I may have accidentally written 7 weeks on Instagram and scared some people… Sorry about that guys!], and I don’t have a taper… Some people have assured me that because I am only on a week of Pred that a taper isn’t necessary whereas other people aren’t so sure… So I think a trip down to the Pharmacy is required just to check if everything is okay.

The dreaded Devil Tablets

I did ask my GP what would happen if these didn’t work, or if my Bursitis came back (I am considered to have chronic bursitis since I have had it for 2 years now) and he said that he could prescribe these again, but I don’t really want to have to depend on oral, or on injectable, steroids to control my bursitis. My GP didn’t actually seem that bothered, and I don’t think he quite grasped the fact that I HARDLY EVER SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT BECAUSE OF PAIN… And because I can’t actually get a physical appointment to see my GP, I don’t understand how I am going to go about getting my pain under control after I have finished this course… But I can worry about that as and when it happens, and for now I can enjoy a week of being pain free! [Or at least, a week with less pain]


4 thoughts on “Prednisolone burst!

  1. I find it annoying that they give it in 5mg tablets..when I’ve had pred. for asthma, I’ve ended up having to take it on the bus and it looks like I’m trying to kill myself because I’m downing 8 tablets, plus whatever other medications I need to take!

    1. I found the same! Surely its easier to give us 10 or 20mg tablets! Then we dont look like we are taking excessive amounts of medication that other people don’t know all that much about! #predproblems haha

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