Halloween pranksters – egging

Throughout the lead up to Halloween there was a lot of things popping up on my Facebook feed about The Teal Pumpkin Project, which is essentially an initiative that enables kids [and adults] with food allergies to go trick or treating for non-food treats. All you had to do is paint your pumpkin teal to show that you were offering non-food alternatives to the usual sweets and chocolates and people who were avoiding foods could come to you and know that they could enjoy themselves while being safe. Personally, I think that was a really clever project and it has allowed so many more kids to be included in activities without having to worry about whether they were going to react to the treats they were being given. You guys might find it strange that I am writing about this today when Halloween was on Friday, and in fairness it is strange, but I am not writing this blog to talk about The Teal Pumpkin project. I’m writing this blog to talk about something else, related to Halloween, that is happening more and more commonly nowadays… Egging.

For those of you who don’t know what egging is, you’re lucky! It is basically when someone chucks a raw egg at your house… or even worse, actually at you. Although I have known what egging is for a long, long time I hadn’t actually experienced it myself until Friday. To be honest it sounds rather funny [or hilarious], and I am not even angry that a guy ran up to me and smash an egg on my head [even though it hurt so bad at the time, I thought I had been glassed]. In fact I am grateful it happened to me, because if it had been my friend who was standing right next to me she would have ended up in hospital. Why? Because she is severely allergic to egg.

There is so much awareness about safety when it comes to trick and treating but when the tricks can cause people serious harm then where is the fun in that? Unfortunately people don’t think enough about allergies, and when they aren’t directly affected many people forget that other people DO have allergies. I have come to the conclusion that when drink is involved people become selfish and are willing to ruin people’s nights out by egging them and they don’t think about the consequences at all, all they think about is how to look “cool” in front of their friends, and how to have a good time… Although I can’t see how egging someone is entertaining.

I understand that people do get pranked on Halloween but in the future I really hope that people will try to have fun in a way that doesn’t put other people in danger. You can’t tell if someone has an allergy, it’s an invisible illness! Please don’t assume that other people don’t have an allergy, just because you don’t have one yourself.



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