Sickness and the joints

This is the first time since October 2013 that I have called in sick to college/uni. I’ve been feeling ill for a few days and then things stepped up on sunday/monday. I woke up and couldn’t swallow because my tonsils were so sore and swollen. I had been up most of night with hot and cold sweats, I had a pounding headache and to top it all off my joints are playing up too. I feel kind of like a phone calling in sick because I was only in for another 4 hours this week but I really just couldn’t handle it.

I had a dentist appointment on Monday so I went to my lecture at Uni since it was only an hour and then headed home to the dentists…. Apparently my jaw doesn’t move smoothly on the right side but we reckon that’s because I grind my teeth rater than from my immune system attacking my jaw since I don’t tend to get much stiffness in my jaw, so I got measured for a mouth guard to wear at night. I could have headed back up to Uni after the appointment but I decided to stay wit my parents because I was feeling run down and I didn’t want to give it to the other girls in my flat, especially because we have an exam next week. And staying at home also means I can sleep in my own bed which is kinder to my joints than my Uni bed.

I get colds all the time and it really doesn’t do anything good for my joints so I am definitely going to mention this to my rheumatologist in March.

Hopefully this virus will pass quickly! But on the bright side I have only missed 4 hours of uni. However I am annoyed that it has come to this since I managed to go to college when I had a grumbling appendix, and I still pushed myself to Uni when I had my chest infection without pushing myself too far. I think that I am learning my limits and learning not to push them when it comes to sickness. This is a learning curve.


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