A realisation moment

I think today was a realisation moment for my mum today. We had gone for a coffee break when we were shopping because my knee and ankle were giving me some trouble. We both ordered a cup of tea, which arrived as 2 pots of tea. When we had finished I had only drank half a cup of tea, and why questioned why by Mum I explained it was because my wrist hurt. Struggling to put why my worst hurt together with why I couldn’t drink the tea, I explained that when my wrist is sore it can be difficult to lift things like pots of tea because the weight of it aggravates my wrist.

This just shows that being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition isn’t just a learning curve for me, it’s a learning curve for the people who care about me too. I think I tend overlook that quite a lot as I am too busy dealing with it, I sometimes don’t recognise how all of this can affect my family and friends. I still believe that education and sharing experiences is the way to deal with a lot of these problems and so I don’t hesitate to educate people about how my condition affects me and generally how autoimmune arthrits conditions can affect people generally. This affects everyone differently so don’t forget that one family member might have different struggles to another family member, even if they have the same condition.


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