About me

So who am I? I’m pretty normal really… I’m 19, I enjoy nights out, I try and look after my health, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, I love the beach, I like sports, I love the mountains – especially in the winter, I’m hardworking, I’m nice, I look out for people. All of these things make me who I am. But I also have some chronic illnesses… I have asthma, and a chlorine allergy, I have Raynaud’s and Seronegative Arthritis. These illnesses are part of me, and to some extent make me who I am. For instance, I am more conscious of other people’s health, I know that not all illnesses are visible and people might be struggling with something that isn’t obvious from just looking at them. My illnesses DO NOT define me, and I will dispute that point if it is ever brought up, but my illnesses have let me see another side to life that not everyone sees. I use this blog to try and show other people what it is like to live with chronic conditions and I use this blog to raise awareness of different conditions including conditions that I don’t have. Why? Because awareness is awareness! And awareness is key to helping people to understand the reality of what it is like to live with a chronic illness.

In this blog I share my personal experiences, and struggles that living with these conditions brings so that people can understand, and relate to what I deal with. I also share other people’s experiences with their conditions [look out for Guest Posts!] so that other people who might be struggling can read about other people’s experiences and perhaps feel a little less alone with their own illness.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. hi jenni. thanx for sending me good info on these medical conditions.it is quite informative. am sorry to hear of your arthristis condition just like i am. infact i siuffered my first bout just when i was five years old. then i lost my mother shortly after. i have my younger brother who has epilespsy and my older sister is astmatic. it is terrible bcs this happens when we have no parents to take care of us.am curently unwell..arthritis is back and medication here very expensive her. bcos of lack of continuous medication and followup medical care, it became septic and i had to undergo a major surgery to drain the pus from my left hip. i spent one year in hospital. and arthritis has deformed my leg..now my left leg is shorter and i walk with a limp.but reading your experiences i feel consoled somehow. . at least some medication relieves pain, i have none as my country doesnt offer free medical and i have to stay out of school for long periods. i can only pray and dhope that both of us will some day get healed.it is not easy. thank you

    1. Tunu I’m sorry to hear about your arthritis and your sisters asthma and your little brothers epilepsy. You are right, I am very fortunate to live in a country where I have access to health care. I am really sorry to hear about your mum too. You’re very strong! My right leg is shorter than my left one, so I completely understand about the limping issue that it brings. Erm if you are one Facebook there is a group for young people with arthritis called “My immune system hates me” so if you want to join feel free to do so. I hope your arthritis comes under control soon and I hope you, your brother and your sister a well.
      Best wishes

  2. Hi Jenni, You sound so similar to me!! haha. I’m also 17 but I live in the Netherlands and I have an invisible illness called dysautonomia and I also have bad joints. I used to swim competitively too, but had to quit a couple of years ago due to my illness so now I just do it for fitness. I love reading your blog, it’s fabulous. I actually just started my own blog, sprinklingsofhappiness.blogspot.com about things that make me happy so we can focus on those rather than our problems. I’d love it if you checked it out 🙂 Hope you are well! -Hannah

    1. Hannah, I always love it when people contact me asking me to have a look at their blog, it actually means people can fin my blog and I can make friends with a lot of other bloggers too! I’m sorry that you were diagnosed with dysautonomia and that you had to quit competitive swimming but hats off to you for continuing with swimming for fitness! If you would even like to email me its Jen-Jen-1996@hotmail.com or alternatively check out the “Contact MyLungsMyLife” page and there is a list of ways you can contact me 🙂 once again thank you for your comment and I shall check out our blog later this morning when I have a chance to read it properly 🙂

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