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So if you don’t want to comment on a post but you would like to contact me to connect or to ask a question or just to say a friendly “hi there”, I thought I would put a page up so you can get in touch if you would like.

Feel free to fill out my contact form to ask me a question, or to make a comment!

Or alternatively, contact me via other social networking sites:

I frequent this social networking site more than any other so if you want a reply fast, this is the site to use:

I love emailing! I must check my email about a hundred times a day (maybe a slight exaggeration there) but I seriously do love emails… So if you would like to speak privately feel free to email me at
I would ask though that you introduce yourself when you do email and just say if you got my email address here, because I do use my email address for purposes other than blogging.

I’m pretty new to Instagram, but I do really like it… Seeing people’s journeys and adventures in pictures is great!

MyLungsMyLife does have a Facebook account and so if you would like to post anything on the page or if you message the page I will reply as soon as I am online, the majority of the day.
Just search MyLungsMyLife on Facebook and there you will have my page.


2 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. I just want you to know that all this inhaled steroid is no doubts causing your rheumatism. Be careful..There is no easy answer. I live in Canada and inspite of all the supposed research there is no easy remedy. At present II switch from Zen-hale (causes me to have tremors, dizziness sinus infection etc.) back to Ventolin. I am frightened by the side effects but there is no immediate alternative. I prefer to leave the other stuff alone. I am at present using a good vitamin to nourish my body but careful not to take things that could further irritate my lungs

    1. Hi Jade, so you don’t take Zenhale anymore? I’ve heard good stuff about that, although I can’t try it because it isn’t available in the UK. The side effects of some medications are scary, especially when they cause some of the symptoms they are trying to treat.
      Why don’t you speak to your GP about your asthma? They put you on Zenhale for a reason, maybe you could speak to the doctor about alternatives and then decide what to do?
      Hope you are well

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