My Asthma Action Plan

As of March 2014 I do not have an asthma plan in which I can increase my meds myself, but here is what I do in each zone:

Green zone:

  • When peak flow is above 320
  • I can do all activities without asthma symptoms
  • I have no or minimal symptoms during day or night

Continue taking medications as normal:

  • Flutiform 125/5 –  2 puffs BID
  • Ventolin –  when ever I need it

Upper yellow zone:

  • Peak flow is between 280 and 240
  • I need to use my ventolin more than once a day
  • I have problems sleeping because of asthma

Med changes:

  • Swap to Flutiform 125/5 3-4 puffs BID and use ventolin to deal with the symptoms.

Lower yellow zone:

  • Peak flow is between 200 and 280
  • I need my ventolin every 4 hours
  • I have symptoms all the time

Med changes:

  • Increase Flutiform 125/5 to 4 puffs BID and see asthma nurse/GP if peak flow falls below 240. Use Ventolin to deal with Symptoms.

Red zone:

  • Peak flow is 200 or below
  • Ventolin is not helping
  • Symptoms get worse
  • Too breathless to speak

One thought on “My Asthma Action Plan

  1. Hello,
    Have you been reviewed by an immunologist/allergist?? Approx 80% of asthmatics have alleriges and this allergic reaction can present itself as asthma symptoms. Most commonly dustmite allergies or other environmental allergens such as pollens, grass, animal dander, chemicals (including chemicals in pool water). By treating underlying allergies you could reduce your need for medications and the severity of flare ups. Infective exacerbations (such as a viral illness) are more likely to cause severe asthma symptoms in combination with allergies. As you may already know, it takes asthmatics longer to get over a viral illness.

    You sound just like me when I was your age. I cannot live without asthma medication, but I got to a point where they were not as effective. I had been asthmatic for 20 years and had never been referred to an allergist until recently. After having skin prick testing, I tested positive to numerous environmental allergens. Dustmite, pollens, grass, cat/dog dander and numerous others. I now have a strong antihistamine added into my daily medication regime and am undergoing SLIT therapy (sublingual immunotherapy). The aim of SLIT is to desensitise you to whatever you are allergic to. Hopefully, this will retrain my body to not overreact to pollens and cause severe tightening in the airways/chest. Seeing an allergist has been life changing. I thought it was cold air during winter waking me up at night, but it was more than likely a reaction also to dustmite in my bedding. Dustmite thrive in winter and it is actually their poo that we are allergic too. And we are sleeping in it all night!!! Gross!! Being environmentally conscious, I would always wash my sheets in cold water, not realising that cold water does not kill dustmite. Who would have thought something as simple as washing sheets in hot water to kill dustmite and using special mattress covers to prevent dustmite getting through from the mattress could make such a big difference to your sleep?? There are of course numerous other dustmite reduction strategies for the household.

    I guess the point is, we need to know our asthma triggers and find out what works best for us to manage them. Unfortunately, it can take a lifetime to workout what they are. These can range from exercise, cold air, environmental allergies, stress, beauty products and even food etc. Medication is only one part of the solution. Good luck on your journey to good health. Never give up researching and learning and trying different things. Good luck my friend, you are an inspiration.

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