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A failed 12 of 12

So I tried and failed to do a 12 of 12 today so I am going to incorporate the pictures I took today with just a general blog post/update.

Those of you who know me know that I haven’t slept well at all since February… Partly because the bed in my flat is not comfortable and partly because of my joints but mainly because the people in the neighbouring flat are so loud. They play instruments and video games at all times of the day and night so I am lucky if I only wake up twice in one night, most night I am woken up between 3 and 5 times, more if I am unlucky. But because of all this I am pretty exhausted so on days like today when I have to get up even earlier than usual I find it really hard. 

The past few months I have had increasing amounts of hair loss to the point I need to unblock the plug everytime I shower. Everyone experiences hair loss every day but when it has suddenly started increasing, it is a bit worrying. If you add that into my other new/increasing symptoms like my nose ulcers it pretty much points to autoimmune. But my mum was getting worried that I could be slightly anaemic and wanted me to get it checked out by my GP.

Today was the day I went to the GP about it. I only rang yesterday lunchtime and managed to get an appointment for 8.10 this morning which was surprisingly fast but did mean that it was an earlier start than usual. The second problem, or what I thought was going to be a problem, was that this appointment was supposed to be with a GP that I vowed I would never see again… Why? Well that’s because in December right after I had been diagnosed I went to see this GP who turned around and told me straight out that I was going to become disabled because I have an autoimmune condition that isn’t magically going to go away?! Who says that to anyone! He wasn’t an expert in my condition and I was literally so appalled and gobsmacked that I couldn’t even think of anything to say, I literally just sat there and gawked. But hearing that this was the only appointment available I decided to give him a second chance… 

I turned up at the Surgery for 8.05 so there was 5 mins before my appointment… Turns out I could have turned up at 8.30 and still been early.  


I had the whole waiting room to myself and the GP was half an hour late! Not a good start.

But when I finally got in with the doctor he was brilliant! Totally different to what he was like last time! I did wonder if I was actually seeing the same doctor at one point. I wasn’t met with the cold GP who appeared not to care but I was greeted by a guy who was trying his absolute to do his best for me. 

We started by checking my asthma out. I switched from Flutiform 125/5 (3-4 puffs twice a day) to Seretide 125/25 2 puffs twice a day which seems illogical because that is actually a decrease in the total amount of inhaled steroid I would be taking a day but I did it anyway and it worked!!! I have only had one attack (actually it was 2 but it was one after another so I am not sure if is a continuation of the first attack or if it was actually 2 separate attacks) which was my fault because I exposed myself to a trigger stupidly and then suffered the effects. But if we ignore that then I have had virtually no symptoms at all! Not even during exercise! That is pretty much a first ever since I was diagnosed! My GP was actually ecstatic, he was so happy for me. We even had a little competition with peak flows… He betted [Note: we didn’t actually bet anything] that I could reach 450… 1st blow was 420 so not quite there. 2nd try 440! 10 points off!!! 3rd attempt 440… So I didn’t quite get the goal but it was very close and 440 is a good peak flow value for me. And if you accompany that with my lack of symptoms your doctor will write down on your records ASYMPTOMATIC!!!! So the decision is to stay on this dose of Seretide indefinitely, either until I feel that I can step down or if I need a higher dose for some reason. It isn’t clear why my asthma is controlled on this dose of Seretide when Flutiform, Symbicort, or a combination of Clenil and Serevent didn’t help before but as long as it is helping I don’t really care about the science behind it.

Then we went onto the hairloss and ulcer. The GP thought that these were probably because of my autoimmune condition… Although a side effect of Plaquenil/Hydroxychloroquine is hairloss. Having said that, it is unlikely that the Plaquenil is causing my hair to fall out since I have been taking it since Novemeber and this is a recent symptom. As I said earlier mum thought that I could be slightly anaemic which I mentioned to the GP and he was more than happy to run some bloods for me. I got my ESR (Erythrocytes Sedimention Rate – I.E inflammation levels), LFTs (Liver Function Tests), HbA1C (looks at blood glucose levels over a period of time) and my thyroid function tested as well as the usual CBC (Complete Blood Count). 

The actual blood test was fine except I bled through a cotton wool bud and then proceeded to bleed out the side of the tiny little plaster they gave me.


But apart from that everything was fine and I only got 3 vials taken, which, if my memory serves me right, is the smallest number of vials I have ever given? It has bruised pretty well though.

So that all happened before 10am and that was essentially all I did all day, apart from some revision which was broken up by watching episodes of Orphan Black… Unfortunately I have finished every episode of Orphan Black on Netflix so I feel a bit lost now.

Like I said, I have massively failed on that 12 of 12 since I only took 3 photos but I was in my room literally all day apart from for the appointment  and the fire alarm that went off (if you’re a student living in halls you will totally understand). So there is an update and a totally failed 12 of 12… Maybe we should just call it a 3/12?


12 of 12 February 2014

I know I am a day late in posting but never mind!

Bedroom – yesterday started off at 5.30AM! But if I think back to my competitive swimming days, this would have been a lie in.

Car – on the road to Bradford for my University interview. Mum and Dad both came to support me which was nice.

Somewhere in Bradford – this is a pathetic amount of snow, but it is snow all the same so no complaining!

Car – this is a pretty rubbish picture, but the name of this road made me laugh… Carr Bottom haha… You are seeing my slightly immature side coming out.

Car – another tip for people with cold toes, use the car heater! Of course, only do this when you are stopped… Safety comes first!

Kitchen – I am pretty sure this is NOT how you whip cream.

Living room – why not have a piece of cake to relax after a very stressful day?

Living room – having a quick nap… All the traveling and interview stuff really took it out of me.

Bedroom – and the case is nearly packed! I fly out to Italy on Sunday so I’m mainly packing last minute things now…

Bedroom – and this peak flow kind of explains why I have been struggling all day. Stupid lungs don’t like stairs.

Bedroom – the wind sounds horrible, tiles were coming off the roof and my phone says the wind speed is only 49mph… Somehow I think the wind was a lot stronger than that, and I am on the opposite side of the country to where the bad winds were so I hate to think how people were over there!

Bedroom – woo! Finally get to cross off the day! No more interviews for 2 weeks!

12 of 12 January 2014

So this is my 12 of 12 for January 2014 which basically depicts my day…

Bedroom – it’s always a good start to the day when you wake up half an hour late and have to rush to get ready for work…

Bedroom – penguin socks! These are epic!

Bedroom – and my swimming bag is ready… Towel, swimming costume and inhaler plus spacer. My asthma hasn’t been great lately so the spacer was a must.

Car – it was a bit icy this morning, so Dad make an ice face for me!

Kitchen – for lunch I make some healthy pasta sauce, almost from scratch!

Kitchen – as usual, I forgot to charge my FitBit until it died… It needs charging so infrequently that I always forget to charge it

Kitchen – and to make my day I manage to break the screen on my laptop… That’s just fab isn’t it?!

Bedroom – I have lost 0.5Kg in a week unintentionally so now my BMI is 19.7 which is still healthy, but baring in mind it was 20.5 in October and I haven’t been on any sort of diet to loose weight, I’m not too happy about it.

Living room – Ice cream for pudding? Yes please!

Living room – how about playing monopoly to try and de-stress you right before you start a week of mocks? Oh and it also reminds you of the price of repairing/replacing your broken laptop…

Bedroom – using a heat pack on my bum knee right before bed… I think I have a bit of a penguin theme going on too.

Bedroom – and this peak flow explains all the coughing…. Let’s hope for a better week next week.

12 of 12 December 2013

So yesterday was the 12th of December and on the 12th if every month a load of bloggers take 12 pictures to depict what they did in their day.

Kitchen – opening the advent calendar. Look! Its telling me to wear gloves!

Bus stop – what a wonderful sky! I always love it when the sky looks like this!

Common room – mmmm Bagel! I really do love the college bagels, even though I don’t have them often!

Locker – this is what happens when you let your friend borrow your locker… You end up with 200 candy canes living in there!

Library – well look at this new diary I got! It matches my pencil case and who doesn’t like Elephants? I’m not going to use this as a proper diary, I’m going to use it to track what I eat and unpleasant stomach symptoms I have been having – I will be blogging about that later

Common room – well this just made me laugh so I thought I would share it with you all! I pre-ordered a DVD for my friend’s Christmas present and Amazon reduced the price of the DVD and so they gave me a refund of 1p!

Library – printing out some pictures of my hands to show to my Physio on Monday. I have already printed a load of pictures but none of them came out very clearly so I had to re-print them all

Town – my town is full of art work, you just have to look for it! This is the first time I have seen this piece, but apparently it was painted in February.

Restaurant – it is always a tradition before my family and I got and see the Christmas play at the theatre to go to our favourite restaurant and have pizza!

Restaurant – asked for a lemon sorbet for pudding and it came in a whole lemon! Isn’t that fab?!

Theatre – and that is what the stage looks like for this years Christmas performance of Annie! Luckily this time I didn’t get mistaken for Annie and congratulated on my performance (even though I was in the audience), that’s one issue with being ginger!

Living room – this is another advent calendar that my brother and I share… This year we have set it up in a slightly less conventional way than usual.

So that was the last 12 of 12 for 2013! It’s scary how fast this year has gone past!

12 of 12 November 2013

On the 12th day of every month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures depicting their day… This is my 12 of 12!

Bedroom – a new record! Up, in the shower and dressed before 7.05! Can you guess what time I woke up?

Kitchen – I’ve just realised that I didn’t switch the plug on last night which resulted in me waking up with only 20% battery life left. Frankly, I’m surprised there was anything left!

Common room – just thought I would proclaim my new found love for Cherry Coke… My only issue is that it was fizzy, and I prefer still drinks!

Starbucks – as my friend says “that’s a mountain of whipped cream!”… It’s always nice to catch up with a good friend over a toffee nut latte!

Bus – guess where my bus driver is?! Out side having a smoke! I will never understand why people smoke, especially when they have respiratory problems!

Hallway – this was in reply to a post I left on MyLungsMyLife’s Facebook page asking if anyone had any tips or tricks for dealing with swollen joints… It didn’t half make me chuckle!

Kitchen – anyone who hasn’t eaten Stovies has not lived! it’s one of the worlds yummiest and fastest meals, not to mention good for the budget!

Bedroom – I have finally managed to get through all my e-mails… My college sends me numerous e-mails a day, plus MyLungsMyLife things, plus other work related e-mails…

Living room – I was trying to use a heat pack to relieve some of the pain and stiffness in my knee so it won’t be such a huge issue during my driving lesson, which FYI was about 5 minutes after this picture was taken.

Bedroom – although I have successfully reduced my Symbicort back down to 3 inhalations twice a day, today I was struggling a bit more than normal with a tight chest and a fair bit of coughing, so I finally gave in an took some ventolin… I can’t believe how much I missed using my spacer when I was on a ventolin accuhaler!

Bedroom – getting all comfy and cosy in my bed is one of the best feelings, especially when I have some funky new bed socks. I’m trialling bed socks to try and keep my toes all toasty, especially because the capillary refill in my toes is atrocious due to them being so cold all the time… That’s bad circulation for you!

Bedroom – this isn’t the best picture in the world, but you can see that my left (top) knee is more swollen than my right knee is… And although it is still super sore, I’m thankful that it isn’t too swollen anymore! Mum seems to think I have fluid on my knee, which I am not pleased about so I am hoping I can get rid of it without having to see my GP… A phone call to my physiotherapist is in order I do believe.

A special 12 of 12

So this is a special 12 of 12 because October 12th is World Arthritis Day! Unfortunately I haven’t been well enough lately to post about World Arthritis Day, but next year there will definitely be a post on World Arthritis Day!

Bedroom – the view from my window at 6.00AM

Kitchen – my breakfast… Half a chocolate chip muffin, orange juice and of course the horrible antibiotics

Dual carriage way – road trip to the University of Bradford… Extremely productive day except from my nearly being sick on the best admissions tutor I have met

Cafeteria – trying to settle my stomach with oasis before driving home

Living room – not a number I like to see on the penultimate day of my antibiotics course

Computer – if you google World Arthritis Day you get this map up which shows all of the events all over the world! Hopefully one day that map will be full!

Kitchen – where I sit when I feel horrible

Living room – when you feel bad, why not watch You’ve been framed?

Living room – now THAT is a better temperature!

Kitchen – spending some quality time with my goldfish… I’m joking, all he wants is food 🙂

Kitchen – finally feeling hungry, the first time in a week, also the most I’ve eaten in a week

Bedroom – and finally HAPPY WORLD ARTHRITIS DAY!

12 of 12 September 2013

On the 12th of every month I take 12 pictures depicting my day. I have said before how much I like pictures and I always intend to include more pictures in my blog, I am still working on that goal, but a 12 of 12 is a nice way of showing rather than telling what has been going on.

Street – I was waiting for my friend so we could walk to the bus stop together to catch the bus to college.

Main hall (college) – today was freshers fair at college and I ended up looking after one of the stalls for a friend.

Street – I’ve always found it amusing that my college is on Abbey Road… Not the same Abbey Road that The Beatles used though :/

Kitchen – anyone who follows me on twitter, Instagram or knows me personally will know that I have been fighting a bit if a bug for the past week. Since I’ve been taking ibuprofen daily for 6 days we had pretty much ran out so mum ran down to the shops for me and bought me some more and lip balm to make me feel better.

Living room – yes 99.5F has been my “normal” temperature for the last week with my temp bouncing from 99.1-100F with some drops to around 98.8F in there too…

Living room – bad idea to drink a hot chocolate when you have a bit of a temperature going on, but it did taste nice!

Living room – so I got a bit bored sitting around but I was too wiped out to do anything more interesting… So to amuse myself (and I use the term “amuse” very lightly in this case) I decided to take the temperature of my drink, however the temperature wouldn’t read because the drink was too cold so I spent 5 minutes holding my thermometer in my drink for no reason. (By the way next to that glass is my hair band with my clips attached to it so I don’t loose them, a few people have mistaken it for a giant spider so I just thought I would warn you!)

Bedroom – one exciting thing that did happen today was that I received my ASA professionals licence in the post meaning that I am an officially licensed and qualified swimming instructor rather than just being a qualified swimming instructor!

Kitchen – except from the tomatoes this is my favourite meal! Chicken en croute with corn on the cob and broccoli… Yes I am strange, I like broccoli.

Bedroom – I also got a new lamp for my bedroom… I love the warmth of the light it gives out…

Bedroom – almost forgot to mention, I signed my name up to volunteer at a hospice near my college! I’m really looking forward to hearing from them, to see what I can help out with. I also joined a peer mentoring course which would mean that I can speak to other students who are having certain issues with college or their home life. I am really glad I signed up for this, first class is on Monday!

Bedroom – isn’t it just great when you put new bed sheets on your bed and when you get in they are all crisp and cool!