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12 of 12 December 2013

So yesterday was the 12th of December and on the 12th if every month a load of bloggers take 12 pictures to depict what they did in their day.

Kitchen – opening the advent calendar. Look! Its telling me to wear gloves!

Bus stop – what a wonderful sky! I always love it when the sky looks like this!

Common room – mmmm Bagel! I really do love the college bagels, even though I don’t have them often!

Locker – this is what happens when you let your friend borrow your locker… You end up with 200 candy canes living in there!

Library – well look at this new diary I got! It matches my pencil case and who doesn’t like Elephants? I’m not going to use this as a proper diary, I’m going to use it to track what I eat and unpleasant stomach symptoms I have been having – I will be blogging about that later

Common room – well this just made me laugh so I thought I would share it with you all! I pre-ordered a DVD for my friend’s Christmas present and Amazon reduced the price of the DVD and so they gave me a refund of 1p!

Library – printing out some pictures of my hands to show to my Physio on Monday. I have already printed a load of pictures but none of them came out very clearly so I had to re-print them all

Town – my town is full of art work, you just have to look for it! This is the first time I have seen this piece, but apparently it was painted in February.

Restaurant – it is always a tradition before my family and I got and see the Christmas play at the theatre to go to our favourite restaurant and have pizza!

Restaurant – asked for a lemon sorbet for pudding and it came in a whole lemon! Isn’t that fab?!

Theatre – and that is what the stage looks like for this years Christmas performance of Annie! Luckily this time I didn’t get mistaken for Annie and congratulated on my performance (even though I was in the audience), that’s one issue with being ginger!

Living room – this is another advent calendar that my brother and I share… This year we have set it up in a slightly less conventional way than usual.

So that was the last 12 of 12 for 2013! It’s scary how fast this year has gone past!


Anti-bullying week 2013: I write this because I was bullied


This week is Beat Bullying Week, and although some people will just pass it off as another week to raise awareness about another cause, it IS important.

When I was younger I didn’t have a horrendous time with bullying, I was lucky enough that I could usually hold my own, and I wasn’t completely isolated by bullying. Although a quite a lot of memories rush into my brain when I think about my past experiences with bullies.

One situation that comes to mind was when I was on the school bus, when I was 11. A 15 year old decided that because I was ginger, it would be fun to start a fight. Normally, I try to avoid physical confronts, but that becomes pretty hard when someone is punching and kicking you, with her friends jeering her on. I can take a beating, that wasn’t the main thing that bothered me, it was the fact that everyone, including the bus driver and my friends, ignored that I was getting the crap beaten out of me. After that I quickly learned that if you are in this sort of situation, you might be lucky enough for a passer-by to step in to help, but not to expect too much from people. Why? Well that’s simple, people do NOT want to get involved. It’s easier for them to just carry on their business. But that’s wrong, the only way to beat bullying is to stand up to it, to face it, and extinguish it as soon as it becomes apparent. My school fortunately knew this, and the 15 year old involved was banned from the bus, though no apology was ever given.

I haven’t just experienced physical harm because I am ginger, even in my last year at school when I was 16, a 13 year old was dared to sing “set fire to the rain” to me, and dance very inappropriately. This was, needless to say, very humiliating. When I spoke to my head of year about this incident he was pretty shocked to hear about it, and was even more shocked when I told him that I didn’t expect an apology. Why? Well I have experienced varying amounts of “stick” because of my hair colour ever since I can remember, and in all honesty it is the adults who treat me the worst. Unless you can change people’s minds on what is classed as bullying, there isn’t a huge a lot you can do. And although for this situation I did receive a personal apology and got the chance to talk to the boy involved about why “taking the mick” out of someone is wrong, I have only changed one person’s view. Bullying needs everyone’s views to change, not just the one!

There are no excuses for bullying, it IS wrong on all levels, from cyber bullying to gingerism, not one act of bullying is acceptable.

I hope that by me sharing some of my experiences with bullying, this will change how you will act when you next see a child getting the crap beaten out of them, or how you will react when your child comes home saying that they are getting picked on. Because not only does bullying hurt, it is so hard to go through on your own. I say this because I was bullied and I don’t want anyone else to get bullied EVER!

Cruddy memory and a very honest person

I am having a seriously bad day with my memory today. I’m going to put it down to my being so tired. In fact this week has been a bit of a bad week regarding my memory. When someone asked my advice about their Personal Statement for their Uni application and I didn’t know the answer, I suggested they should go and see our college’s Careers advisors, Stella and Cathy, except their names came out as Cella and Stathy. That was slightly embarrassing.

Today, my parents took me Christmas shopping which I really needed to get started on, and half way round we decided to go for a coffee. That sounds perfectly good right? Well when we left the Café I forgot my bag which had my purse in with my bank card, provisional drivers license (which will tell anyone who looks my address), and some money and my bag also had my house keys, my inhaler and my phone in it. Seriously I don’t know how I forgot it!

In fact I didn’t even realise, I had forgotten it until my name was announced, and suggested that I should go down to lost and found. I was kind of amused that someone with my name has lost something, then I thought “Oh crud! That’s me!” and then I was trying to work out what I had lost and how the staff knew my name. When I finally did realise, I was so embarrassed! And anyone who knows me, which know that when I am embarrassed I turn every shade of red known to man, which makes me even more embarrassed!

I didn’t deliberately forget my bag, who would? And I imagine that it is a fairly common occurrence in Cafés but I was still mortified. I’m starting to see the slightly more funny side to it now, but I am so glad that somebody honest found my bag and handed it in, rather than taking my money and my phone!

12 of 12 November 2013

On the 12th day of every month, a bunch of bloggers take 12 pictures depicting their day… This is my 12 of 12!

Bedroom – a new record! Up, in the shower and dressed before 7.05! Can you guess what time I woke up?

Kitchen – I’ve just realised that I didn’t switch the plug on last night which resulted in me waking up with only 20% battery life left. Frankly, I’m surprised there was anything left!

Common room – just thought I would proclaim my new found love for Cherry Coke… My only issue is that it was fizzy, and I prefer still drinks!

Starbucks – as my friend says “that’s a mountain of whipped cream!”… It’s always nice to catch up with a good friend over a toffee nut latte!

Bus – guess where my bus driver is?! Out side having a smoke! I will never understand why people smoke, especially when they have respiratory problems!

Hallway – this was in reply to a post I left on MyLungsMyLife’s Facebook page asking if anyone had any tips or tricks for dealing with swollen joints… It didn’t half make me chuckle!

Kitchen – anyone who hasn’t eaten Stovies has not lived! it’s one of the worlds yummiest and fastest meals, not to mention good for the budget!

Bedroom – I have finally managed to get through all my e-mails… My college sends me numerous e-mails a day, plus MyLungsMyLife things, plus other work related e-mails…

Living room – I was trying to use a heat pack to relieve some of the pain and stiffness in my knee so it won’t be such a huge issue during my driving lesson, which FYI was about 5 minutes after this picture was taken.

Bedroom – although I have successfully reduced my Symbicort back down to 3 inhalations twice a day, today I was struggling a bit more than normal with a tight chest and a fair bit of coughing, so I finally gave in an took some ventolin… I can’t believe how much I missed using my spacer when I was on a ventolin accuhaler!

Bedroom – getting all comfy and cosy in my bed is one of the best feelings, especially when I have some funky new bed socks. I’m trialling bed socks to try and keep my toes all toasty, especially because the capillary refill in my toes is atrocious due to them being so cold all the time… That’s bad circulation for you!

Bedroom – this isn’t the best picture in the world, but you can see that my left (top) knee is more swollen than my right knee is… And although it is still super sore, I’m thankful that it isn’t too swollen anymore! Mum seems to think I have fluid on my knee, which I am not pleased about so I am hoping I can get rid of it without having to see my GP… A phone call to my physiotherapist is in order I do believe.

…98 …99 …and 100

…98 …99 …and 100! That’s right readers I have finally reached 100 posts! It has taken me almost a year to get to 100 posts when other can get to 100 in a few months but I still think that this is a pretty special moment.

I was thinking, just the other day about how this blog has helped me connect with so many inspirational people! At this time last year I would have never thought that I would regularly use social networking sites to talk to people with chronic illnesses. To chat to someone about their condition, learning more about what it is like to live with diabetes, CF, brittle asthma, stills disease and many others. But most of all, I have got to know so many new friends, who have so much in common. I have stumbled across a community that has a space for everyone, and a community that is always there, 24/7, from all nationalities.
A community who is there, no matter what.

I have always said that I can’t stand it when people are ignorant of an illness, and the purpose of this blog is to raise the profile of some of these conditions, and also to tell the tale of my chronic conditions. I’ve made this blog personal, and through it, so many people have reached out to me. I am so, so grateful to everyone who has supported me, and MyLungsMyLife to our 100th post and I hope to continue to 200 and beyond… That was a little bit of a Buzz Lightyear moment then.

New Years Resolutions

I think it is normal to make New Years resolutions at the start of a new year and for me when I make them I am really determined to fulfil them but as the year goes on I forget about them and become less passionate about them. So this year I have decided to write them down and post them on here to try and keep me motivated.

1. So my first New Years resolution is to get my asthma under control, it’s been a long time since I have been in the green zone and I am really wanting to get back up there. I think that switching to symbiotic from seretide would be a wise step and possibly stepping up the dosage for a little while until I have some control.

2. My second New Years resolution is to get fit. When I was in secondary school I was doing GCSE Pe along with core Pe and I was in the football, netball, cricket and rounders team along with being in a cricket team outside school now I do absolutely nothing. Part of that is not my fault since my lessons clash with sports at college but I think I could make a bigger effort to do more. I have been considering buying some sort of smart pedometer which I think I will do using money from Christmas. I have heard that Fitbit pedometers are good but i think I will shop around before getting one.

3. My third and last New Years resolution is to stop biting my nails again. I did manage to stop biting my nails for about 9 months this year but with the stress of AS exams I have started biting them again unfortunately.