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Kidney, UTI and antibiotics


For those of you who read my blog regularly, you’ll remember a couple of weeks back when I was struggling to shake a temperature and was feeling generally wiped out. And later, when I mentioned that I had back pain the mini freak out my family had since we do believe that I had some sort if kidney infection/UTI. And eventually my body sorted it’s self out and I got over the temperature and the back pain went away. I was practically back to new except from the complete lack of energy I had. (Read about that post here)

Well yesterday I woke up feeling pretty tired, as per usual. I figured that it was because I had been to a university open day the day previous which, had really wiped me out. Everything was dandy until I went to the loo, which caused immense pain when I urinated (told you this was a TMI post). The pain was so bad I couldn’t actually stand up straight for 2 hours after I had been to the toilet.

On Sunday mornings I have work, where I teach kids to swim but I was in so much pain, I couldn’t actually go.

Normally I wouldn’t tell my parents if I am sore because I am constantly sore and there isn’t much point telling them all the time, but yesterday was quite different. To start with I didn’t think that there was anything too serious wrong, I thought it would just pass but it didn’t and I was still in a fair amount of pain by the evening. I also had a bit of a temperature going on, which was hanging around 99.6-99.1F with ibuprofen and paracetamol on board.

The pain was sharp, starting half way down my torso and continued down (I’m not going to say anything else) but that wasn’t the only pain I had. The right lower quadrant of my abdomen was also really painful which had me thinking that this may not be just a straight forward UTI (urinary tract infection) but maybe it was the start of appendicitis… Why was this happening on a Sunday of all days?!

I went straight away to tell mum and we decided to head off to the out of hours (OOH) clinic, not just because we suspected a UTI (not good when all of my other UTIs turned into kidney infections and I only have one kidney) but also because we wanted to get my screened for appendicitis.

When we got to the OOH clinic it was around 7.30pm. They make you write all your details down on a form and pee in a cup (if you suspect a UTI or kidney infection). We only had to wait 40 minutes to be seen, pretty remarkable since there was a 5 hour wait at A&E and everyone was being sent to this OOH clinic.

So when I got called in I was still feeling pretty rough, I still had a temperature of about 99.3F and still had major pain in my abdomen. The nurse was really lovely and did a super quick urine analysis and an examination. Turns out that most of my pain is over my appendix but I do have a UTI according to my urine analysis. She also checked my pulse which was hanging around 110bpm at resting and she checked my oxygen saturation too as a precaution. To be honest I don’t think the pulseox machine was totally accurate with my heart rate because according to that, my heart rate was fluctuating between 124bpm and 90bpm, but it did feel like my heart was going at around 110bpm.

The nurse advised me to go straight to A&E if I get any more signs of appendicitis (a bit scary) and explained that because I only have one kidney, and because my heart rate is quite high and I have a temperature she is going to prescribe double the dose of antibiotics that she would normally do for an extra 2 days so now I’m on a week of double dose antibiotics for a week. But as my friend GG says, I’d much rather deal with the side effects of double dose antibiotics than an infection… Too true!

Unfortunately since I didn’t get out of the clinic until 8.30pm there were no pharmacies open near me so I had to wait till this morning to get the antibiotics. So I have come to college since I am not infectious and walked down to town to get my antibiotics, and I treated myself to a Starbucks too!

Who would want anything more than a Starbucks and antibiotics?!


Update on my unprepared appointment!

I think it is time to update you all on how my asthma appointment went on Monday. I feel that I should explain about the lack of an update so far and to put it simply, I was too emotional to actually write an update for you all.

My closest friends on twitter have already got an earful from me, and I’ve also texted one or two of my school friends moaning about what’s going on, and all I can say is that the support I have received has been immense. It is hard to put in words how grateful I am to these people (especially GG and R).

Basically, before the appointment I was really nervous, which is weird because I only usually get this nervous for rheumatologist appointments. I said in my earlier post that was unprepared and they probably didn’t help the matter at all.

GG always likes to tweet in the waiting room (#waitingroomtweeting) so I thought I would join in with that, and it did help calm the nerves a bit because I was speaking to people right up until my appointment, rather than thinking about it constantly.

My nurse was lovely and tried to put me at ease. We spoke about why my peak flow was so low and how my break from swimming hasn’t really helped improve my symptoms, especially since I am needing to use ventolin at least once, 5 days a week (on average). Although, I personally feel this is down to the stress of my exams which my nurse agreed would be a significantly contributing factor.

My peak flow on Monday morning was pretty good at 300 but then I had to walk to the doctors, and since it was only a ten minute walk and I had taken my symbicort, I presumed I would be fine without any ventolin. And to be honest I was pretty fine when I arrived. This brings me to another point, who puts a GP surgery on a hill?! I’ve been thinking about that for a while, and clearly so,someone who didn’t think of the implications of sick people having to walk up a hill chose the situation of this surgery. When I got to the surgery, actually into the surgery, I was pretty out of breath, but not because of asthma for once, because my heart rate was up in the 160s – 170s. I didn’t have to wait long for my appointment but when I came out my heart rate was still in the 130s, which is insane! I do have a pretty high natural heart rate anyway but I shouldn’t be going into the 160s by just walking up a hill. So now I’m thinking that maybe my heart rate is giving me the shortness of breath more than the asthma itself. So maybe I should mention that to my asthma nurse next time I see her.

Anyway back to the appointment update, my nurse wanted me to do a spiro again to see if it would give a clearer picture s to what is going on with my lungs, but I messed that up too. Basically the first test was just to breathe out normally which was fine, then the next test was to see my peak flow and FEV1 etc, and that’s where I messed it up. The first attempt was fine, but then I started to cough and coughed all the way through my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th attempt. Basically it all went wrong and the machine was not impressed as it kept flashing with “abrupt end” and “repeat again”. But by my 5th attempt I was completely spent and the nurse stopped me there since my lung function was getting worse and worse, not because it is bad but because I was so tired, I didn’t have the energy to do the tests as well. So despite me asking to have one last go, she wouldn’t let me. Although the nurse did want to see how my peak flow was, so she gave me a rest first and then did my peak flow which was 310, slightly higher than my morning’s one. She only let me do my peak flow once, whereas normally I would do it 3 times and keep my best result, purely because I was so tired.

We also discussed whether I was allergic to anything or if I had hayfever, which I don’t think I am, although today and yesterday the pollen count has been high and I do feel bad, so maybe I was wrong. But because of me feeling like I am not allergic to anything we have decided not to try singulair, which I am glad about, especially because of the side effects, although all medications come with side effects, I would prefer not to take singulair even if the asthma nurse suggested I give it a go because I feel it tends to benefit people with allergies, and I am the “least allergic person” my doctor has met. That’s a good thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway the nurse isn’t entirely sure what I should do so she is going to speak to my GP and get back to me, in the mean time I have to up my symbicort to 3 puffs twice daily, which has helped a fair amount since my peak flow hasn’t been below 300 even though I feel pretty bad, which I am pleased about. I was hoping that she would change my symbicort 100/6 to symbicort 200/6 because of the higher amounts of LABA I am now taking which is making me shake (the symbicort shakes, as I refer to them as). But that was not the case, so the nurse must feel that I do not need that much ICS. I am really worried though because my nurse feels like I would benefit by going to see a consultant again, which I really do not want to do, especially because I have had previous bad experiences with the chest consultants. So right at this moment, I am refusing to go to the chest consultant, and I am really hoping my asthma nurse will not bring it up as my peak flow has been coming up and my ventolin usage has decreased since I have upped the symbicort, which is good.

My apologies that it took me so long to update this, I was really upset by the fact that I may have to see the consultant again, but then I realised that my asthma is my medical condition so essentially it is my choice if I want to go against medical advice and refuse to see a consultant. In all honesty, I don’t think I am bad enough to see a consultant and I would prefer to stay with my GP and my asthma nurse until I am too bad/complex for them to deal with me, which I don’t think is really going to happen to be honest.

Doctors update

I went to the doctors today and got the same idiot doctor who failed to diagnose my chest infection in September but nevermind.

My lungs have been pretty good today, peak flows up to 75% and I couldnt hear any wheeze at all, untill I came back from the doctor that was which was really annoying.

At the doctors he did all the normal checks peak flow and pulse ox (99% =very happy with the amount of oxygen in my blood ๐Ÿ˜› ) and he listened to my chest. He said and I quote this: “I can’t heat a wheeze, not even a crackle” so I was very happy until I got home and sat down and pretty much instantly my lungs decided to have a wee spasm and so I was wheezing again. I guess thats what I get for walking around in the cold without a jacket on.

Okay so that was the asthma part of my doctors visit but I also wanted to know why my resting heart rate was between 100 and 104 beats per minute. But he brought this up before I could even mention it. The machine he used to measure my pulse ox also showed my heart rate was 107bpm and he looked a little concerned. I explained that my heart rate has always been high and so he sent me off for an ECG (echocardiogram).

After the ECG I went back to see the doc and the first thing he said was the heart trace was normal, obviously I was very relieved and then he said you havent had a heart attack. I was like A HEART ATTACK! I’m 16 I dont expect to have a heart attack at 16 (even tHough one of my distant cousins had a heart attack at 13, but that is a different story) I had absolutely no clue thats what he was looking for in the trace, I thought he was just looking to see if there was any electrical abnormalities that was causing my heart to beat so fast.

So today has been quite an interesting day and I am happy to say that my heart is healthy and there is no signs of any heart attacks ๐Ÿ™‚

Tired of being ill

Today I have absolutely no energy, I fell asleep in my free and on the bus home from college. All I can put it down to is having a pretty much continuous cold since May and the fact that I’ve had 2 chest infections within the last 6 weeks. My lungs are aching all the time, talking for too long leaves me so short of breath I have to sit down for a wee while. I have a banging headache all the time and I just want to sleep constantly. So I am not very happy.

I am desperate for the doctors appointment on Thursday I’m hoping that I will get either some antibiotics or oral steroids although I would prefer to take antibiotics more than pred. I am also going to ask the doc about my heart rate. I have always have had a higher heart rate than most around me, during GCSE PE last year my heart rate would be about my target training zone (60-80% of max heart rate) after just the warm up and my resting heart rate varied from 98-104bpm. I went to the gym on Friday (yeah very bad idea when the lungs are so bad but I thought that maybe some light aerobic exercise would help clear some of the mucus) and my heart rate was 130 before I had even started, I should have taken that as a warning sign but i didnt and so I had a little peddle on the cycling machine heart rate went up to 172bpm but I didnt feel bad enough to stop so I thought that 5 minutes on the cross trainer would be alright. WRONG! My heart rate shot up to 192bpm ย pretty much 90% of my max heart rate, oh yeah then I had an asthma attack.

My aim for this week is to know when I am over doing, I just hope that this infection wont stay for too much longer. I will update you on what the doc says on thursday.